Bronze V. Most games have trolls

So I am going to go through my match history for the past 20 games and, (discluding premade ones) tally the amount of trolls in the game. What counts as a troll? Anyone who intentionally feeds or negatively impacts on the game. Anyone with such an outrageously bad score, they cannot be playing properly. Game 1 - 1 (flaming) Intentional Feeder, 1 AFK, 2 players with 0/4 and 0/8 Game 2 - Support 0/8/4 Game 3 - Remake Game 4 - Game 5 - Support Followed me around all game to take my cs and annoy me. Then afk'ed after 50 minutes. Top laner went 4/17. Game 6 - Remake Game 7 - Premade. Doesn't count Game 8 - Premade. Doesn't count Game 9 - Game 10 - 1/13 Jungle and (flaming) 1/8 support Game 11 - 0/10 Support + AFK Game 12 - Remake Game 13 - Game 14 - Premade. Doesn't count Game 15 - Premade. Doesn't count Game 16 - Game 17 - 4/14 top and 3/10 jungle Game 18 - 3/10 jungle Game 19 - Premade. Doesn't count Game 20 - So minusing the ones I deemed as not counting. 5 Games were free of trolls/feeders 5 Had Intentional Trolls 7 Had Feeders to some degree. Intentional or Unintentional (Most overlap with intentional trolls) 3 Were Remakes 5 Were Premades So playing on my own, and not counting remakes. I played 12 games. 5 of those were troll-free with 7 being not. Meaning 41% of the games were troll free and 59% were not. Woo Bronze V Note: Most of my scores were roughly even. Better without trolls but still not feeding when they were there.

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