Got my permi ban"extremely inflammatory and offensive"

So i recently got my permi ban for something "extremely inflammatory and offensive" its about a week after my 14day and all is going well i have not been using chat since the day of the 14 ending other then GG myb push ect... so i play 2 games and talk in both of them links for both the games bellow for game in champ select someone wanted to play lux support i asked him to play a proper support and he told me to"stfu" so i banned lux guess what he decides to do even know he picked support in draft pick, he locks in Darius and take my lane in draft pick of all things. so this is when the game starts Game(1) Game(2) Game 1 rangaInOrbit: dude rangaInOrbit: you're support rangaInOrbit: ? rangaInOrbit: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rangaInOrbit: nice rangaInOrbit: hva ea cry rangaInOrbit: nice little sooky darius rangaInOrbit: banned the champ darius wanted to play rangaInOrbit: hes meant to be support rangaInOrbit: so he locked in darius and stole my lane in draft pick of all things rangaInOrbit: so hes having a good ole cry rangaInOrbit: just letting thr other team know how pathetic he is rangaInOrbit: nauss > rangaInOrbit: no rangaInOrbit: enjoy you ban darius rangaInOrbit: what you have done is agaist rules rangaInOrbit: yes you will rangaInOrbit: ? At this point^^^i had muted him as to what the rest of the team told me to nothing else bellow the Darius could see and i proceeded to just play out the team admitting my mistakes to the other 3 players and apologies to them they accepted it and we had normal conversation rangaInOrbit: im not the sook rangaInOrbit: i banned lux rangaInOrbit: he had a cry rangaInOrbit: and stole my lane rangaInOrbit: sorry tris that you support is having a good ole sook rangaInOrbit: ill buy an item now and come help you rangaInOrbit: then mute darius and report him for being toxic rangaInOrbit: and all make a league post on the boards so that other players can see this darius and know what a sad person he/she is rangaInOrbit: gw rangaInOrbit: steals somone lane in draft rangaInOrbit: syndra rangaInOrbit: we stuck together sorry rangaInOrbit: gw rangaInOrbit: syndra is my main mid laner rangaInOrbit: do you like her rangaInOrbit: shes sexy rangaInOrbit: yeah ik rangaInOrbit: fizz gets banned alot in high elo rangaInOrbit: shaco rangaInOrbit: please dont gank top rangaInOrbit: leave the sad sakc of shit alone rangaInOrbit: dont help him because hes fucked the hole game for us rangaInOrbit: rest of you i do apologies i should of jsut went bot rangaInOrbit: instead of talkin smack rangaInOrbit: that wasnt intentional rangaInOrbit: i rather die qucker then waste time running rangaInOrbit: so fansy rangaInOrbit: fery tasty rangaInOrbit: much wow rangaInOrbit: yeah im going to apologies rangaInOrbit: as much as it is darius fault rangaInOrbit: it is my fault to rangaInOrbit: but late now rangaInOrbit: i facechecked a bush rangaInOrbit: and died rangaInOrbit: sorry rangaInOrbit: ? rangaInOrbit: you missed e didnt you > rangaInOrbit: gw rangaInOrbit: gw rangaInOrbit: ashe rangaInOrbit: this game got handed to ypu rangaInOrbit: pls rangaInOrbit: AHAH rangaInOrbit: the mission rangaInOrbit: ive been good rangaInOrbit: i jsuts topped talking in all chat rangaInOrbit: i apologies and admitted it was my doing alos rangaInOrbit: cant spell sorry rangaInOrbit: ggwp not sure if anything above is deemed"extremely inflammatory and offensive" nothing but love for the rest of my team and apologies for being involved in ruining their game rest of my team 3 players happily accepted and we continued to converse Game 2 rangaInOrbit: why do we have bots in our game rangaInOrbit: tf why do we have bots in out game rangaInOrbit: we cant win fights rangaInOrbit: at all rangaInOrbit: we cannot win fights rangaInOrbit: so stop making them rangaInOrbit: tf had ult and didnt use it rangaInOrbit: ww rangaInOrbit: you smart rangaInOrbit: but bad rangaInOrbit: you're* rangaInOrbit: bot lane are bots simple rangaInOrbit: cant do much about that rangaInOrbit: laning faze is over rangaInOrbit: whats a gank after 25 mins ? rangaInOrbit: sneaky baron rangaInOrbit: come rangaInOrbit: now rangaInOrbit: dw rangaInOrbit: LEAVE rangaInOrbit: nah rangaInOrbit: ww rangaInOrbit: leave rangaInOrbit: jinx is trying to get red ........ rangaInOrbit: you dont need red man rangaInOrbit: go farm lanes rangaInOrbit: me and twist use red rangaInOrbit: blitz and jinx can you please vote yes next surrender rangaInOrbit: VOTE YES PLEASE rangaInOrbit: PLEASE rangaInOrbit: OMG rangaInOrbit: blitz afk makes no difference rangaInOrbit: ww and twist stop voting no please rangaInOrbit: ill just rpeort you then rangaInOrbit: inting and wont vote no to waste other peopels time rangaInOrbit: riot ban people for dumb things trust rangaInOrbit: ive been permi banned 3times rangaInOrbit: trust rangaInOrbit: i know eve4thing about bans rangaInOrbit: you greafing rangaInOrbit: wont vopte no to waste veryones time rangaInOrbit: thats pure trolling rangaInOrbit: im asking to ff rangaInOrbit: thats it rangaInOrbit: hvenbt been toxic at all rangaInOrbit: twist please man rangaInOrbit: ? rangaInOrbit: i didnt talk up till 20 rangaInOrbit: i use pings rangaInOrbit: because shes inting rangaInOrbit: whine > rangaInOrbit: im asking rangaInOrbit: to end rangaInOrbit: because its a waste of my time rangaInOrbit: but you're being selfish and flaming me' rangaInOrbit: you're inting and trolling rangaInOrbit: what part about that are you suffereing this is just you average tilt got no excuse for any of this but tbh, you can come across bots in pvp at low level very rarely any of this "extremely inflammatory and offensive" riot i don't think so . I also lied about being permi banned 3 times to get the WW to listen and he did he ended up doing pretty good for a first timer i wanted to get other peoples thoughts on this because riot seem to throw around bans alot this year some for no reason at all and you can expect my response in my support ticket to be utter babble that they copy and paste to everyone els not expecting anything less.
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