Friend Permanently banned.

Captured with Lightshot
Honestly I understand that what he's said here is highly offensive, especially the "go kill yourself" but please understand he was having a horrible day and the graves ruined the game completely for him. It doesn't excuse his hateful words. But I do believe this permanent ban is unjust. He's been banned previously once before for toxic behavior. But he's invested so much money and time into this league of legends account and for you too take that away over a few bad games/comments doesn't seem right. I understand that it's against the rules, but moreover he mutes players now. He's learning, league of legends is a learning experience for all ages. I play with him almost every game, and if not I'm more toxic than him. He's told me in a Skype call if he ever get's un-banned he'll never say a negative word again. He's also stated to me that he'd happily receive a permanent mute. But a ban of this caliber is unjust and league of legends is based around fairness. So please, just give him one more chance. You can mute him, you can lower the ban timer... but please just don't let him stay permanently banned. He's the one player I really enjoying playing this game with... if you took him away there's no reason for me to stay... I'm assuming a fair amount of you will say he deserves it for being toxic and cruel. But I know him personally and he doesn't mean a single word of what he say's. He just act's this way because that's his personality. Also I don't understand why people get banned for being overly toxic, Wouldn't it make more sense to just take away their right to talk?
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