Why is the community so horrible

Ok, I just want to ask this. I had a really good Riven game before getting 8/0/3 and everyone convicted me of ksing them when they were ksing me most of the time. The next game was horrible, as I was playing Riven again against higher skill capped players and got like 1/6/13 or something. That crappy game got me bullied so hard. Everyone said how bad I was and that I should give up on League because I suck at it, that the world would be better off without me. I've gotten so tired of trolly teams who instalock when you call your role first and they take it. I just want to have a good game of League with nice people. I hate feeder bots as well. Me and a friend less then 10 minutes ago were playing an intermediate Co-op vs AI game to pass time. When we had 2 feeder bots on our team. We ended up losing to them. I don't even bother reporting either as well because Riot does absolutely almost nothing to try and remove these awful players. And now my friend has also ever since he started been being a douche on League. It's like a plague. When you go on league you become rude, toxic, salty, tilted, but in the real world you can be nice as ever. My friend as I said before, has fallen down this path. Of course he won't admit that but he has. He kills someone who accidentally flashes into the wall immediately afterwards "LOL!!!" in all chat comes from him. We were playing a fun custom games with some nice people we found, he played Ezreal and got super fed. Double Yasuo 1v1 in mid lane, one wasn't doing so good because he was up against an experience level 30 and he was 20. "I think we clearly know who the better Yasuo is here!!" he says in all chat. I even told him over skype how rude that was because he's just made the other Yasuo feel like crap, and yes that Yas did have a big ego but you have no right to treat someone like that. I don't know if you guys agree but I'm sick of toxic players. Vote down below if you think that there should be a server you can join if you've got at least 10 honours to filter all the toxic players (If other is selected please state your opinion in the comment section below).
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