14 Day suspension, 1st offence due to an extremely agressive Nunu

My 1st offence get's 14day suspension despite playing this game for 4 or 5 years, I got leaver buster once when my internet used to play up but this is a joke, this game was 3v5, 2 on their team Dc'd, the enemy Nunu was mid against me and was abusive all game, I believe our Kayn got abusive at some point but this Nunu was furious over getting ganked once, I have some banter here to deal with his outbursts and then after the game I did lose my cool as this person was obnoxious, I know he has been banned too but I don't know what riot would ask us to do to players who are downright abusing us with just reason, you have 2 players DC on your team, I get it, it's not cool but how is that our fault and is our Jg and bot just meant to sit back and do nothing? You lost your jungle and ours now has no pressure. If 2 players are gonna go at it verbally and the others end up having enough of it then why do we get banned defending ourselves? 6 of the 7 other players still in the game lost their cool in post game, all 5 of my team and 1 of his 3 which was the fiddle, only one who didn't was his premade... Riot please explain because I have not violated anything other than been afk in a game years ago... This is an easy way to lose your loyal players Game 1 Pre-Game Ashplague: slp Ashplague: i can if you prefer mid? Ashplague: i go urgod XD Ashplague: or malz mid Ashplague: we are 3man Ashplague: yes Ashplague: we will take top 2/3s of map and you guys take bot Ashplague: ( . Y . ) Ashplague: ~~~ In-Game Ashplague: im quite happy actually Ashplague: yeah Ashplague: we only have galio Ashplague: galio justice... justice Ashplague: that flash though Ashplague: be salty kid Ashplague: lol Ashplague: im not actually Ashplague: we are trolling XD Ashplague: i flashed Ashplague: you're* Ashplague: keep running Ashplague: he ganked once XD Ashplague: you are sooo bad Ashplague: how is that bad Ashplague: you act like thats hard Ashplague: keep sucking ire dick Ashplague: i even type for half that fight and you struggle Ashplague: you take this so serious XD Ashplague: we 3man Ashplague: we not toxic either XD Ashplague: you are hahaha Post-Game Ashplague: that wasnt me lol Ashplague: Bot lane not in our 3man Ashplague: moron Ashplague: you're actually so salty and retarded Ashplague: you would lose to intro bots Ashplague: yeah cause you got under my skin %%%% Ashplague: kys Ashplague: gg fiddle Ashplague: report nunu but not afks im that annoyed gj retard
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