so wheres the rest of the chat ? joke system server full of trash nubistic players!

14 Day Behavior Suspension ForStSpyda, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect. Read more about the effort to encourage sportsmanlike play, here. Here are some chat logs that w ere identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ no ty gj 1 minute wtf no i cant gank with out mana so we lose my clears will be slow too so i will fall behind in xp ur an idiot ff 20 btw nubs not guna even try now dont care u fuked me well enjoy loseing cause u stole my blue double buff for ashe gj nami zero map awareness team ff soon go back to school kids ive said 2 things the report will show nithing _**( from here on in the game the harrasment got worse) wheres there chat?!?!?!?!?!?!?**_ 6.5 minutes surrender report tahm stal my blue all the time ban tahm from now on i hate that swallow whit saays the 4-7 nub that nees a carry but ur so trash shut up nub we lose cause ur trash support top works so well doesnt it ? im out fuk this tahm hes a %%% troll fuk gg ez win nub top and mid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This type of behavior is unacceptable in this community. When there is nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. As a community, we also don't believe that retaliation is an appropriate response, so in cases where there is retaliation, both players receive penalties. This is the only warning this account will receive. Further examples of toxic behavior can result in permanent closure of your account. So Wheres the rest of the chat all the stuff they said ? and WTF your jokeing these players !#!@$!@!@! all game since the first blue he stole my buff slowed my clears and harrased me i want to see the rest of the game chat wat a load of trash you goto be f*ken joken right!
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