WARNING: Do not say to report someone in game!

So recently I was permanently banned on this account. As you do, I submitted my report ticket with the chat logs as I don't believe I should have been banned. I got a really amazing Riot Support Specialist to help me with my situation. He/She was very detailed in their response and it was very quick too. It turns out the main reason I was banned is because I said in all chat to report x player for x. The rioter said 4 quotes on what I specifically said to get me banned and 3 out of 4 were "report x for x". The rioter said - "So is telling someone that you're going to report them, as that's considered harassing, and it's another for of negative behavior." I didn't realise telling someone to report someone for x was harassing them, and is another form of negative behaviour. Please spread the word as I don't want you to be punished like I did. EDIT: The support ticket is still pending. I'll let y'all know the outcome.
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