Is the ban/report system WAY too sensitive??

Hello OCE community, Ok so I've attached below what is apparently enough to be chat restricted for, I feel I didn't use any hate speech or major offensive language so am astonished to log in today after playing with the worst trolls and player run bots I have ever encountered all of yesterday, A little insight in what the chat is about; our team's Tristana starts running Top to troll our Singed at the start of the game for no reason, after Tristana inting our Singed decides to move from Top to my lane to start csing there, eventually he runs Bot, at this point I am the only 1 in the team doing well winning lane and up 7 or so kills, so Kayle starts out of the blue saying "Oh if you're so good 1v5" and afks end game until we lose, HOW am I the 1 at fault here this is crazy ridiculous? I have never experienced such a corrupt system of snowflakes this is not fair, my original account was banned 4-5 years ago for basically the same thing trying to calm a fighting team down and somehow getting caught in the rage reports and being banned without chance of appeal, This game is literally going to die if you can't even speak in the chat without fear of someone taking something the wrong way and reporting you, what team and online competitive game allows zero banter it's actually a joke.. Sorry for the frustration but I feel this is next level pathetic in a level 14 Normals game.. Pre-Game Nofais: Mid In-Game Nofais: Azir is super awkward Nofais: Are we all reporting this Trist? Nofais: Ok nvm I report Singed Nofais: Have to love these troll games.. Nofais: What is your damage lmao Nofais: Ugh.. Nofais: We getting wrecked Nofais: Wdym Nofais: Ww is fine Nofais: Grow up Nofais: He has this Trist to try play around Nofais: Who is taking his camps Nofais: Use your brain Nofais: Kayle gets power spike at level 11 and 16 Nofais: We can hold game until then Nofais: What a pathetic sack of dog Nofais: Tf chases that far Nofais: Lmao Nofais: Need to spend Nofais: Well Nofais: That sucks Nofais: No idea how to play this champ -.- Nofais: Ww baited me way too hard there Nofais: Think he's lost us game Nofais: This weeks free champs are so lame Nofais: Be quiet noob Nofais: Zero grouping Nofais: I literally said I've never played Azir before Nofais: Wtf you talking about psycho Nofais: What are you saying? Lmfao Nofais: Kayle trolling now Nofais: No point, gg wp guys Nofais: I said I didn't know how to play Azir Nofais: Idk what you are flaming about Nofais: So childish Post-Game Nofais: That team had some serious issues Nofais: Holy lmao Nofais: Enjoy your ban Kayle
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