I'm Sorry Riot Games

Dear Riot, I am sorry for my unacceptable behavior in my most recent games. I know I haven't been punished in any means but I feel guilty for ruining other peoples experience of your wonderful game and I want to get this of my chest. What I said in those 2 ARAM and 1 Normal game was completely and utterly inappropriate. It was downright offensive, immature and uncalled for. I ruined the games of around 27 summoners through my own actions. I'm sorry for what I have done and I hope this never happens again. Thank you for reading this Riot employees. P.S. Thanks for making Replays, Sandbox Mode, Doom Boots, the assassin rework and Mechs vs Minions. I've had many good memories playing that game already :D. Sincerely, BurningAvalanche

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