Flaming, insulting, trolling, etc. What are u doing to stop it?

I don't think I speak for myself when I say OCE is infested with unsportsmanlike like behavior. Every person I have spoken to has experienced having players who abuse and insult either their own team, or the opposite team in at least half their games. Now I realize there is a "mute" button. Don't bother giving me that hollow answer. This is a team game, and if I am forced to "mute" a player on my own team, because they are flaming players on our team, that makes my gaming experience worse. period. ------------------------------------------------ Where Is The Tribunal?- ------------------------------------------------ I remember reading a while ago that RIOT was looking into "making adjustments" to the tribunal, and in the meantime they would remove it and add an automated system. The reason they had for taking down the tribunal, was because apparently people weren't getting swift enough punishment... I remember seeing that glorious popup saying "a player has received disciplinary action for their unsportsmanlike behavior thanks to your report", and that would happen sometimes soon after the report. But ever since the tribunal has been removed, I NEVER get to feel like something is being done about players like this, and I have noticed MORE negative players since the removal of the tribunal. Are we actually ever going to get the tribunal back? Or was this new "petty rewards for honor" system supposed to be test grounds for phasing it out completely? This is a great game, but the culture of thinking its cool to insult and flame people needs to be expelled like the cancerous tumor it is on this game. I have not experienced this level of bad behavior in ANY OTHER game. I get that sometimes people get upset, and say nasty stuff in the moment, but this plague is more than that. its a culture that is being created due to tolerance. Please RIOT, take this issue seriously, and show us you are serious about it, because nothing else has worked since you removed the tribunal.
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