Prema for this... WTF

Game 1 In-Game Hacks4Dayz: Fk the MMR system is completely broken Hacks4Dayz: I am silver 5 climbed. Hacks4Dayz: LOL means nothing to MMR Hacks4Dayz: Oh shit alistar is the hulk Hacks4Dayz: Yeah Hacks4Dayz: B5 adc Hacks4Dayz: Placed into siulver Hacks4Dayz: Sure vayne Hacks4Dayz: Nice kda Hacks4Dayz: I mean LOL Hacks4Dayz: Please report Vayne for being boosted Hacks4Dayz: Thanks Hacks4Dayz: Yes you are Hacks4Dayz: LOL Hacks4Dayz: Just farm up brah Hacks4Dayz: Do what you can Hacks4Dayz: Vayne is boosted Hacks4Dayz: Dont worry noc Hacks4Dayz: She will be B5 again soon Hacks4Dayz: Just mute her noc Hacks4Dayz: She is toxic little B5 Hacks4Dayz: She knows it Hacks4Dayz: Just farm up noc Hacks4Dayz: What you can Hacks4Dayz: Dont worry Hacks4Dayz: Just stop tilting your self Hacks4Dayz: Vayne.. I gave up spoorting you Hacks4Dayz: I want real silver adc Hacks4Dayz: Noit B5 Hacks4Dayz: See noc just try Hacks4Dayz: GJ Noc Hacks4Dayz: See Hacks4Dayz: Your doiung well Hacks4Dayz: ssh vayne Hacks4Dayz: Bronze is =wanting you back Hacks4Dayz: See how your the only toxic one vayne Hacks4Dayz: Back to bronze for you Hacks4Dayz: Not supporting a toxic little bronzie Hacks4Dayz: GJ Noc Hacks4Dayz: LOL Hacks4Dayz: Vayne stop before you get prema ban Hacks4Dayz: Not my fault you got placed in a tier you dont belong in Hacks4Dayz: Stop being toxic Hacks4Dayz: And think. Hacks4Dayz: Muted and reported Hacks4Dayz: I hope this ban teaching you Hacks4Dayz: Yes garen I knwo your duo with her Hacks4Dayz: But dont get ban also Hacks4Dayz: Then think Hacks4Dayz: Before I mute and report you also Hacks4Dayz: All game it has gone on Hacks4Dayz: ENOUGH Hacks4Dayz: Muted Hacks4Dayz: Enjoy your loss Hacks4Dayz: I am not giving up Hacks4Dayz: Just not trying to win Hacks4Dayz: I am done with a 1/7 adc Hacks4Dayz: Actting it up and blames me for her inability to play Hacks4Dayz: 1/8 Hacks4Dayz: Report the blitz. Hacks4Dayz: Yeah... Not the 2/9 adc Hacks4Dayz: Toxic all game Hacks4Dayz: Damn you are smart Hacks4Dayz: I am done with this toxic crap Hacks4Dayz: ALL GAME Hacks4Dayz: This crap has gone to far Hacks4Dayz: IT HAS GONE TO FAR Hacks4Dayz: This adc is B5 all day every dfay and you can see it in her stats build and items Hacks4Dayz: But hey.... Hacks4Dayz: IT IS ME Hacks4Dayz: I did it Hacks4Dayz: FK IT Hacks4Dayz: I am done Hacks4Dayz: GGWP B5 trash %%%%s win Hacks4Dayz: To bad now Hacks4Dayz: It is over Hacks4Dayz: Nope Hacks4Dayz: Just not getting toxic crap all game Hacks4Dayz: They are mad about it Hacks4Dayz: What the fuck is mentally wrong with you Hacks4Dayz: You say I am this and that all game Hacks4Dayz: NOW YOU WANT MY HELP Hacks4Dayz: WTF IS MENTALLY WRONG WITH YOU Hacks4Dayz: It is called muted Hacks4Dayz: GGWP Post-Game Hacks4Dayz: GGWP Hacks4Dayz: Please report my team for toxic Hacks4Dayz: ALL OF THEM Hacks4Dayz: All game toxic Hacks4Dayz: You were toxic Hacks4Dayz: Simple Hacks4Dayz: Dont be toxic Hacks4Dayz: Then wonder why after 30 mins of it Hacks4Dayz: SOMEONE SAIDS FUCK THIS Hacks4Dayz: GGWP Game 2 In-Game Hacks4Dayz: Since he is afk I think your set with the reporting Hacks4Dayz: Nm Hacks4Dayz: LOL Hacks4Dayz: I will report your inting bot btw Hacks4Dayz: GGWP Hacks4Dayz: ... Hacks4Dayz: I got ezreal adc Hacks4Dayz: You got a real adc Hacks4Dayz: ... Hacks4Dayz: What silver 4? Hacks4Dayz: LOL Hacks4Dayz: Ty Hacks4Dayz: WTF WAS THAT EZREAL Hacks4Dayz: YOU BOOSTED MONKEY Hacks4Dayz: OH MY Hacks4Dayz: Go back to B5 Hacks4Dayz: I am done with ezreal Hacks4Dayz: I got the moron fed.... Hacks4Dayz: But this wanker does nothing Hacks4Dayz: Watch him die Hacks4Dayz: Mr pro Hacks4Dayz: Just loss this game and lane Hacks4Dayz: She is trapped Hacks4Dayz: GGWP Post-Game Hacks4Dayz: I understand your name now ezreal Hacks4Dayz: And yes. I will Hacks4Dayz: Report ezreal for Homophobia comment Hacks4Dayz: Thank you Yeah... Real nice auto ban system. This is why people are leaving your game. Bans are anded out based on the amount of people reporting. NOT FOR THE SHIT THEY DID!! Better yet show the full chat log for Game 1. Show everyone why I said I am done. GG Riot. Good job yet again! [REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](] FYI I wasnt reporting or naming and shaming or anything like that. Just adding context to the name.. But that is another bot failing at it's job.
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