Slamming the ban hammer on OOL and OCS players.

League of legneds has laid down restrictions on teams in the League of Legends competitive scene to prevent them from participation in official league tournaments. Players from the OOL and OCS region have been targeted and will be dealt with due to sharing accounts since it violates the terms and conditions. The main reason for the ban is that the owners, and management of these teams/accounts have not been entirely fair to the players, and not running the teams in an ethical manner. There are some serious allegations against the management and owners of these teams such as not paying attention to their members, not having proper contracts with their players, and other terms and condition concerns. Players are the backbone of any League of Legends Team, or any eSport event. They do all the hard work, and keep us entertained, and amazed with their game. It is a shame that these players have refused or disregarded the terms and conditions. It is just like any other sport; without players, there can be no game. The hammer will be brought down before the competitive split starts. Undercover freelance analyst. Scarlet Crusader
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