Hey before i get into what im gonna say ill just tell you my gamertag: PS Killz Okay so right now im on a 20 minute leaver buster. First i was on a 5 minute i got put on the 5 minute because my computer when black on 2 games and just crashed so every body remaked that happened to me 3 times so the first time it happened i got 5 minute waiter but i said "aww its only 5 minutes its not that bad" Then it happened again and i got put on 10 minute waiter and i said "WTF IS THIS WHY DID I GET PUT ON A LEAVER FOR A BLACK SCREEN ITS NOT LIKE IM TRYING TO NOT PLAY OR SOMETHING" pretty mad on tilt and now its happened again and im on a 20 minute im thinking "OMFG NO WAY 20 MINUTES FOR NOTHING WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS" but mind you my laptop top is pretty ancient so i could see why it would do that but i just love playing League Of Legends so i try play on this old thing anyways because it works most times so Please can you help and take these waiters away I really carnt be bothered waiting especially when i didnt do anything to deserve it! THANK YOU - PS Killz
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