Complete Losers.

You know those once in a while games where 4 people on the enemy team are in a group and intent feed? Forcing one of their players to leave after trying to win? Well I just had some of those and instead of stacking just built Quasus to end the game as fast as possible because I didn't want to waste my time. I play league for a competitive experience, and I will end. I still danced and trolled them when they were doing a meme chase, but I'm not going to build stupid and not play just cause the enemies want to ruin the experience. They had a GP that left due to not wanting to deal with it. He beat me in lane. I feel his frustration, but he was forced to play with these people. The 3 others on my team and the trolls on the enemy agreed to report me and my friend because 1. we voted no on the troll surrender vote. 2. I was "tryharding". Of course I'm going to want to get out of this annoying experience. If I wanted to troll and not have to try to win I would play intro bots. I did the right thing and reported them, but my team seems to sympathize with this as if they are friends of the enemy team. This is not a positive experience for me, my friend, or the GP on the other team. Shows how toxic this community can be with the false sense of agreement or peer pressure. My friend also wanted a good lane as he hadn't got a legit mid lane in a few games and was trying to practice his mechanics, only to be upset to see that kindred, ashe, xin and singed walked under his tower 1 by 1 and he picked up gold. Saying to me sarcastically, "wow dude I'm so good". Shows how low this whole thing is. So they ruined GPs game which was perfectly fine, beating me top lane. My team somehow agrees with the enemy team that feeding is a good thing and this game is "free IP" enjoy it. "Play ranked if you want a competitive experience". It's late at night I'm not risking my LP, I just want to play League of Legends. This should not be accepted. But apparently I'm expected to waste my time in this game for 40 minutes or something. No thanks. I have things to do in the morning and I want to play this game normally. I did enjoy this game at the last few minutes cause the enemy walked up to me, trolling around. I did their little dance, then dropped an E and they died. It's very satisfying seeing them go "wow tryhard". I'm clearly not trying hard because you guys aren't giving me an experience worth that. You just feed and then complaining that you can't waste more time because I'm putting Rot portals and ending. I am convinced late night league of legends is full of people that are playing from their electric beds in the hospital. I kinda feel bad for them.
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