Intentional Feed botlane, can I afk?

I'm support Janna. Top lane says nothing INTs botlane all game from start. ADC goes afk I buy mobis walk around map / tab out to look at imgur for 15 minutes I get afk ban, now I have to wait 20 minutes for game start. Riot please explain what exactly you want me to do. The game was literally over from the start and I cant even open mid so I don't waste my time. Was I supposed to just sit in lane and farm as Janna, running away as soon as someone showed their face or else I die? I am being punished for some stupid fucks wasting my time and fucking up not only my rank, but my mmr. and then just for shits and giggles you throw on an afk ban. EDIT: I just checked the Garen's page and guess what, he's unranked and inting every game in his placements. 1/24/4 0/11/1 1/12/0 1/11/0 0/20/2 1/28/1 0/13/0 0/11/0 0/19/0 0/6/0 Finished placements silver 3 Before that? No games. How can your system not detect that, but instantly ban me for being afk maybe 3 minutes? AS WE WAITED TO LOSE THE 3V5
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