Ban Appeal - no excuses - defined as wanting to win

Game 1 Fletcher144: emotes, for when rito needs new mercedes Fletcher144: you're welcome Fletcher144: dude Fletcher144: let him get the big cs, dont ping me lol Fletcher144: ganks before he becomes a hypercarry please Fletcher144: mid line in the lane? Fletcher144: he had backed.... Fletcher144: after KILLING me.... Fletcher144: because all he has to do is AA Fletcher144: gg? WHAT? Fletcher144: go play normals man Fletcher144: top fed Fletcher144: what are u even Fletcher144: right MUTED Fletcher144: fiucking go play normals kid Fletcher144: you dont have the tenacity for ranked Fletcher144: and you're still a fuckin scrub Fletcher144: not 1 gank at 11 minutes to top Fletcher144: thats pretty fucking bad Fletcher144: and then say "top is fed" Fletcher144: what are u talking about? Fletcher144: LOOK AT MY LANE NOW Fletcher144: so what your actually saying is, " you're always pushed when im arsed to be onm the same side of the map as u Fletcher144: YEAH GO GOLEMS FIRST Fletcher144: YA FUCKING DICKHEAD Fletcher144: nah man, when he says " top has fed " and im A: 0-1-0, have been ganked 3 times by amumu and am versing a hyper carry Fletcher144: its a HUGE tilt Fletcher144: but hey, hes been playing 5 years so he knows what hes doing right Fletcher144: your just as bronze as i dickhead Fletcher144: difference is, you're a shit jungler Fletcher144: then go play normals precious\ Fletcher144: precious little child Fletcher144: lol do it kid Fletcher144: HA! Fletcher144: he doesn't deserve a win tbfh Fletcher144: "top is 0-1 hes feeding gg" Fletcher144: millenials :/ Fletcher144: aye more so in oz imho Fletcher144: ok kid Fletcher144: fuckin 0 gank jungler Fletcher144: 0-1-0 at 17 minutes. scrub. Fletcher144: anyway, muted, such a waste of my time Fletcher144: he was doing nothing before this lol Fletcher144: check his score like Fletcher144: exactly Fletcher144: you havent been ganking Fletcher144: thanks for pointing thatv out Fletcher144: the child would like to currender Fletcher144: harrassment? Fletcher144: excuse me child, you accused me of feeding in the fucking 10th minute and you havent ganked once Fletcher144: am i not entitled to call you out on that: Fletcher144: thats about the 10th time you've told me to stfu Fletcher144: quite rude Fletcher144: not once did i call u a retard lol Fletcher144: and i called you a child because YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A CHILD Fletcher144: nah i dont call people retards thats how i know lol Fletcher144: hahaha no, its not..... Fletcher144: you jumped up disallusion childed Fletcher144: muted Fletcher144: you didnt gank until 17 minutes......... Fletcher144: negative kat Fletcher144: dont let children lose you games Fletcher144: keep fighting Fletcher144: 3 top Fletcher144: muted again jesus its like a merry go round Fletcher144: yeah i wont now Fletcher144: please report trundle for trolling Fletcher144: yet we are still losing, because trundle is still being a stain Fletcher144: you know this game is 12s right? Fletcher144: this game Fletcher144: its age restriction Fletcher144: its 12s? Fletcher144: you played for 5 years, you tell a top of 0-1 at 10 minutes that he is feeding Fletcher144: and you expect him to what, say nothing? Fletcher144: and then you get all butthurt? Fletcher144: when i ask u why the fuck you are doing literally nothing all game Fletcher144: ? Fletcher144: kata Fletcher144: im watching him trolling Fletcher144: yeah fine Fletcher144: lol i have tonnes of patience Fletcher144: u need all this cs do u lol Fletcher144: right. Fletcher144: 3 man ganks 100 % of the time. Fletcher144: top Fletcher144: top Fletcher144: top Fletcher144: top Fletcher144: right.
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