AFKers, Fountain Huggers, Disconnecters and Feeders

Who of us are happy with a system that punishes us more than the above type of players? I'm currently only gaining 13lp when a game is won and losing 24lp when a game is lost. This seems rather unfair considering a lot of games are lost because I am playing 4v5 due to one of the above players. It really hurts to lose so much when the cause of a lost game was clearly not my fault. Surely I should be rewarded for not AFKing, disconnecting, hugging the fountain or feeding. Mathematically it should be easy enough to calculate how long a single player spends in the fountain (because they'd spat the dummy) and or dying all the time because they were feeding or AFK or disconnected and compare it to the total length of the game. That time-out calculation could either be used as a punishment in LP or use the time-in calculation as a small reward in LP. Then the people who are serious about ranked would not feel like they are stuck in ELO Hell because of other people. Don't you think that would be fairer? Please vote if you think this is a good idea.

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