unfair bans wtf riot

Game 1 Pre-Game FoATuynmaN: im dumb too In-Game FoATuynmaN: k ty FoATuynmaN: he is something else FoATuynmaN: hes also fed too FoATuynmaN: focus other lanes ok FoATuynmaN: dont let his ego get out of the box FoATuynmaN: i have too now FoATuynmaN: how? FoATuynmaN: what is this bull shit FoATuynmaN: BRO I WAS FoATuynmaN: THE WHOLE TIME FoATuynmaN: NO DONT HE'LL ONLY FEED ON US BOTH . FoATuynmaN: %%%% ill leave if you talk again FoATuynmaN: under tower the whole time FoATuynmaN: fuck you ekko im done FoATuynmaN: yes im afk FoATuynmaN: typing this with telepathy FoATuynmaN: bet you cant FoATuynmaN: gj bro FoATuynmaN: lux youre nex FoATuynmaN: surrender at 15 please FoATuynmaN: we sure showed him FoATuynmaN: see FoATuynmaN: not much fun mate .. FoATuynmaN: what for? FoATuynmaN: report me for what? FoATuynmaN: lux did say he was 14- 0 last game bro FoATuynmaN: report me for being bronze playing in bronze being out skilled by a diamond kid that has no life and trolls all day? FoATuynmaN: report away ok FoATuynmaN: bye FoATuynmaN: uninstalling game now thanks for wrecking my fun ok FoATuynmaN: report away kid ill never play this game again FoATuynmaN: toxic community like you why would anyone play it'
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