ban review

Game 1 Iloveyoubabygirl: GLHF Iloveyoubabygirl: caps Iloveyoubabygirl: wow you lost us game Iloveyoubabygirl: talk shit get hit Iloveyoubabygirl: god what garbage Iloveyoubabygirl: mid is really, REALLY bad Iloveyoubabygirl: its warded you have to go when i ping Iloveyoubabygirl: or ur late Iloveyoubabygirl: and i lose gold Iloveyoubabygirl: which i make up by tax Iloveyoubabygirl: unwinnable game Iloveyoubabygirl: yep Iloveyoubabygirl: you built bad Iloveyoubabygirl: what ur ranking Iloveyoubabygirl: and items Iloveyoubabygirl: ur doing nothing Iloveyoubabygirl: you have no tp Iloveyoubabygirl: so u need to rush Iloveyoubabygirl: tier 2 boots Iloveyoubabygirl: iuf ur running back to lane that much especially Iloveyoubabygirl: ninja tabi Iloveyoubabygirl: vs jax ls Iloveyoubabygirl: with a longsword Iloveyoubabygirl: ur stacking ur aa but got phage Iloveyoubabygirl: pointless Iloveyoubabygirl: ur e Iloveyoubabygirl: take what Iloveyoubabygirl: uve already done the wrong thing Iloveyoubabygirl: this is over Iloveyoubabygirl: i downscale from here Iloveyoubabygirl: trasher the team earlier it occcurs Iloveyoubabygirl: ur like --5 atm Iloveyoubabygirl: buy wards Iloveyoubabygirl: please dont ever talk again Iloveyoubabygirl: you are not good Iloveyoubabygirl: k 13e Iloveyoubabygirl: ur so bad Iloveyoubabygirl: my best advice is just uninstall Iloveyoubabygirl: not for all the money and power in the world Iloveyoubabygirl: would i tell you Iloveyoubabygirl: why it is you are bad week later 2 week ban for telling an inter who straight fed how to play how defend this? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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