Iron 2 in Silver Promo Game

Happypancake12 - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Happypancake12 / Iron 2 0LP / 88W 132L Win Ratio 40% / Lv. 78
(Link is the Profile of the Iron 2) I was in a Silver 4 to 3 promo game and a teemo fed and played so badly I was furious. As a sad sad hardstuck SIlver 4 I wanted to go to Silver 3 but that teemo enraged me so hard I reported them and was about to submit a ticket for their ban so I check their profile: **Iron 2 0lp 22% winrate** A less than 50% winrate Iron 2 was in my silver PROMOTIONAL game. WTF riot, I mean playing with bronze 3 or Gold 1s are bad enough but _**IRON 2**_ And he has a negative winrate, how was he even matched with me? Obviously i didnt submit a ticket against him after seeing that like its not his fault he's facing someone more than 2 divisions above him. I only have 3 promo games and i lost 1 **thanks matchmaking** {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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