Banned for "intentionally feeding"

Hello, I just had a game where my entire team (which consisted of a 3 man premade) decided to all take smite. I called jungle first in blind pick, and while another member told me they were going to take smite, I didnt really mind because I knew that sometimes 2 smites can work (I have won games where another person takes smite). however the problem started when the whole team took smite, followed me around all game, took all the jungle farm (not even taking the farm, taking the camps I was doing just to blatantly taunt/troll me, they couldve gone to the other side of the map to farm jungle but instead they follow me around). So I go to mid lane (level 1 because I literally cannot farm) and they follow me there and take my farm. Since we are multiple people, I try to initiate a fight onto the Ahri (who has like 2 or 3 levels on up me but not my teammates who are level 2 or 3) and I basically get one popped by all her spells and electrocute while my team basically roams to every lane as a 3 man trying to get kills. I have like 5 games of kayn, I suck with him, I suck with him even more when I can't farm and everyone on their team i heavily fed so much so that I cannot fight any of them without getting immediately killed because I have no farm and I have no experience playing this champ. I ask why I have been slapped with a 14 day suspension for having what is clearly just a bad game (honestly its not even a bad game, I literally played the best anyone could've when being blatantly trolled). I challenge someone to play a new champ and do better than I did with no farm (I outdamaged two teammates and outfarmed 3 somehow over the course of a painstaking 20 minute game). The funny thing is, I could've just afked in base and the punishment I received would've been nothing compared to this suspension. Can anyone give me any insight please, this is completely ridiculous. Thank you for any advice/info
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