this got me chat restricted

The first game was last year which I'm not sure why it was included. This game 2 I had 2 people flame me and a jungler who decided to quit and go AFK but somehow I was being too toxic in comparison to the others? (I'm posting this here since the submit a ticket isn't working for me, I log in and it logs me out or buttons aren't responsive) was this worth restrictions? Game 2 90002: twitch is ganna go for early gank 90002: probs lvl 2 90002: plat 90002: ok please be quiet 90002: bro 90002: minions 90002: i cant farm 90002: low elo is harder then high elo 90002: im plat 90002: my mains 14 day banned 90002: akali is a hard lane for tryn 90002: flaming inters on my team 90002: mate 90002: gank top 90002: fk the rest 90002: akali is hard lane for trynd 90002: early it is 90002: she has ignite 90002: u try it 90002: btw 2 dorans isnt good for when behind 90002: bro 90002: thought u had ult 90002: why else wud u come 90002: leave cs 90002: yes i am better then u 90002: ive been ganked and shoved 90002: she has ignite 90002: its over 90002: no help top 90002: idc about bot losing 90002: i am plat 90002: i will vs u any time 90002: im 1v1ing ziggs 90002: i know ur trash cait 90002: no need 90002: i main jg 90002: fair to say hec did bad 90002: impossible game 90002: jungle didnt do enough 90002: i have done 0 dmg to akali 90002: she out heals me and is tanky 90002: believe it or not she also has ig
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