How to Improve your Play with Positivity

Greetings OCE. As many of you know, Toxicity levels are slowly decreasing, yet still seem rather high. Well, in the interest in helping keep the League of Legends experience a positive one, I’m making this to spread the word on Positive thinking, and how it can impact your game. These are Jason’s rules and tips, on remaining calm, and winning more games. The 5 key rules **Know the odds, Win more** **Be a supportive teammate** **Express your rage elsewhere** **Forgive mistakes** **If all else fails, report that d__k** _____________________________________________________________________ * Know the odds, Win more Data shows positive players win more games, and toxic players lose more games. This is relatively basic. If you decide to feed because you didn’t get your champion, don’t be surprised when you end up stuck in bronze, or losing your rank. However, the player who plays on regardless, gives a good chance at his team actually winning. Let’s do some math. 1 player ( you ) + 4 teammates ( variables ) vs 5 teammates ( variables ) If you are of equal or greater skill level to your ELO, then you are a positive point towards your team. While your team will still have 4 variables, who could be feeders, trolls, or just underskilled, the enemy team has 5 variables. The odds are in your favor. If you duo queue with someone you know to be consistent and positive, this increases the odds even further. Even with this, you won’t win every game, but that’s okay. No one does. Don’t believe any smurf or pro that’ll tell you otherwise. _____________________________________________________________________ * Be a Supportive teammate The average game will rely mainly on odds, on what the teammates you are paired with are like. but before you rage at a 0/4 nasus, think to yourself. Will getting angry solve anything? Will swearwords in caps lock help this nasus do better? Of course not. If anything, it’ll provoke him to thinking negative. But, if you show some encouragement, and maybe a word or two of advice, you could end up motivating him to keep trying, and help the team’s overall goal of; Winning. Think logically. If someone near you is getting upset, do you call them a f*%*ing *%$&* *#¿*~*%%*^*? well, yes, if you’re a d__k. But the average person would try to connect. Try to help them, give them encouragement. _____________________________________________________________________ * Express your rage elsewhere Now, unless this message spreads overnight, there’s still going to be some unlucky games, some bad times, and, well, d__ks. This gets a lot of people passionately raging, breaking doors, ranting on GD ( like a certain banned someone we all miss ) or just carrying your negativity over to the next game ( mid or feed / gank or afk / feed or afk ). If this feels like the scenario, take a break. Go play something else for a second. Maybe blow up a village in Minecraft, Use your head on a bit of Hearthstone, or kill zombies in Left 4 Dead. It’s important to not let one game get to you, and to ‘shake it off’ so to speak. Scenario; you find a reaction test button. If you get it right, it gives lollies, but if you get it wrong, it electrocutes you a bit. you lose, and it hurts. you lose again, and you’re getting upset. Do you think that the pain already in your mind ( from losing, not from electricity ) will help at all? not really. Come back with a clean slate for good chances. _____________________________________________________________________ * Forgive mistakes This one is very important, especially to me, because I throw games as a jungler, a lot. When you’re losing a game, you often have people blaming one another. ‘gg sh*t adc’, or ‘report top for trash’. While blaming others does help our own egos, it’s very counter productive, to put that much pressure on someone who is already losing. A lot of the time, someone who gets blamed for losing the game is trying their hardest. However, the end of the day, someone has to win, and someone has to lose. And even though it kinda sucks, losing is natural. People will mess up, that’s a fact, no one is perfect. How you and your team choose to handle that situation is a completely different thing. Another hypothetical situation; your job is to balance a stick on your forehead. If people yell at you when it shakes, it’s more likely going to help you drop it. _____________________________________________________________________ * If all else fails, report that D__K It’s an inconvenient truth. There are bad people out there, who start a ranked game, just to feed. These guys are the prime example of why the above rules work so well. Unreachable, Untouchable, and Unwinnable. raging at them won’t help at all. So, what can you do? simple, report them, and hope you don’t get them again. As discussed in part 1, the odds are already in your favor, so it’s less likely you’ll have one on your team, and moreso on the enemy team, but you can decrease the odds overall by reporting them, and waiting for bans to roll out. I sympathize with the guy who has lost a promo series because of trolls, because I’ve been there too. Life ( and League ) goes on. Report the intentional butts, and move on. _____________________________________________________________________ Summary Be supportive, Remain calm, and report the Ducks ( D__ks ). Together, we can fix OCE, and maybe international League of Legends. One player at a time. ~Jason
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