I am getting sick of this banning bull shit

Game 1 alsex: GG alsex: No help at all alsex: MORON alsex: Well GG anyway alsex: Trash ot alsex: Bit& and team doesnt help alsex: Sshhh trashie alsex: Youi like the idea of playing with kids alsex: Suck fj alsex: Dont talk to me sicko alsex: You want me to be a kid alsex: FKING SICKO alsex: FF at 2- alsex: This is over alsex: I wish alsex: Report bot also alsex: Okay alsex: Yeah you two are alsex: Yeah me alsex: ... alsex: Cry to all chat because they care alsex: Fking moron alsex: Sure gally... alsex: Buy another boost to silver alsex: Report him alsex: Shy your getting carried alsex: So I am fine alsex: Next game I will win alsex: You wont alsex: sSSHHHH alsex: Turth hurts I knolw alsex: Ssshhhh alsex: I know alsex: Shhhh alsex: It hurts alsex: SHUT UP alsex: YEah you zed alsex: No alsex: ................................ alsex: Why do they care alsex: Why do you feel like they do alsex: Are you that mentally fragged Game 2 alsex: Dont talk to me alsex: Muted reported alsex: No ganks alsex: K thanks alsex: No alsex: Called it alsex: Dont confuse luck with skill alsex: That gets you killed alsex: I warned you alsex: Your mother asking to suck my cock alsex: So I let her alsex: No it was me muting your trash alsex: No she does alsex: Not alsex: It is a leona support alsex: FOLLOW HER alsex: She doesnt follow you alsex: ... alsex: Ahri is mad I muted her alsex: Just muite her alsex: and report alsex: She is toxic in general alsex: ?? alsex: JUST MUTE HER alsex: Look mute her or I mute all alsex: Okay I am muting you too. alsex: GGWP alsex: GGWP Game 3 alsex: Ward it??? alsex: All you yas alsex: LOL Yi shit mastery alsex: LOL alsex: Sure kat.. Wait until I unload alsex: See who get gud to quote you alsex: He is doing golems alsex: Wow.. Got to love a rager OVER 1 DEATH alsex: GGWP alsex: I am done.. I am sick of fucking trash like him alsex: Bye alsex: Malz I am pissed at a YAS THINKING HE IS FKING PRO alsex: To the point he thinks he is allowed to talk to his teaml,, alsex: ANY FKING WAY HE WANTS alsex: and still win alsex: So now alsex: Muted alsex: See alsex: And now he is muted alsex: Yas cannot carry his own egoi alsex: Please report Yas for being toxic alsex: Thanks alsex: IKR alsex: Every kill = a new rank alsex: Yas is now plat 5 alsex: he has 5 kills alsex: She did alsex: YTour in B5 alsex: YOU ARE BAD alsex: GGWP alsex: No alsex: Yas is to toxic alsex: Longer game more to report higher chances of being ban alsex: Yeah.. Got to do something to stop the toxic ones alsex: To tanky for you Yi alsex: To tanky for any of you alsex: Sure alsex: GGWP alsex: I tried alsex: Please report yas for being toxic alsex: Yeah Yas trolled alsex: And was toxic AUTO BAN FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in games where I was told to KYS { FYI Riot that means KILL YOUR SELF } I have been in games where I was told to stop fking little kids and focus on the game.. THEY ARE PLAYING RIGHT NOW!!!!! How do I know.. I have added them on my other account to make sure they were ban. WTF RIOT... You allow others to get away MUCH MORE THEN THIS.. But ban for me less... GREAT SYSTEM!! Your MMR is broken your auto ban system is broken. But you point it out you get the moronic die hards saying " THE SYSTEM ISN'T BROKEN!! "
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