[Ban Dispute - Title Edited]

Game 1 Pre-Game 00shots00: are you guys gunna tilt 00shots00: if i go brand 00shots00: yep 00shots00: i am good 00shots00: stroke 00shots00: anyone really 00shots00: just go double poke 00shots00: its only a quinn 00shots00: rengar is In-Game 00shots00: XD 00shots00: LOL 00shots00: not bad 00shots00: gj 00shots00: i was coming as back up 00shots00: why are you so tilted 00shots00: relax man 00shots00: charm 00shots00: fukwit 00shots00: this ahri tilted becauise she spams her cooldowns 00shots00: take your time retard 00shots00: lul 00shots00: oh 00shots00: dam it 00shots00: DAYUM 00shots00: HES GOT DAMAGE 00shots00: dam 00shots00: bl bl 00shots00: 2/3 trynd 00shots00: go get ya mother raped the useless whore 00shots00: trynd 00shots00: you're not trash talking me\ 00shots00: we havent even lost 00shots00: fkn dog 00shots00: aye gj 00shots00: fuk sake 00shots00: ty 00shots00: gj 00shots00: spewing 00shots00: gj 00shots00: GG Post-Game 00shots00: ? 00shots00: keep that build 00shots00: keep that build man 00shots00: thats no glass at all 00shots00: thats not glass aye 00shots00: 1 shotted by a quinn 00shots00: gj 00shots00: ye man 00shots00: and your mother needs to die of cancer 00shots00: atleast i hope she does 00shots00: in front of you 00shots00: i hope she cried 00shots00: cries* 00shots00: i hope shes in pain 00shots00: the dog useless whore she is 00shots00: the useless slut 00shots00: 23cms 00shots00: :) 00shots00: ask ya mum 00shots00: she paid me for it 00shots00: the fkn dog whore she is 00shots00: clearly 00shots00: thats why you're still here aye 00shots00: because you're reading this 00shots00: knowing its true 00shots00: because shes just a useless dog %%%% 00shots00: like yourself 00shots00: gather all the shit mate 00shots00: go ahead 00shots00: you called me trash 00shots00: you get what you get in return 00shots00: dumb fuck 00shots00: no wonder your mother is a prostitute 00shots00: i dont 00shots00: put it on the boards 00shots00: ill see ya there mate 00shots00: jump on now 00shots00: there you go 00shots00: meet me there 00shots00: you can give but not take it back 00shots00: fkn pussy 00shots00: you too 00shots00: you'll never get anywhwere in life 00shots00: narh already got them 00shots00: took photos 00shots00: now going through game 00shots00: enjoy :) 00shots00: pussy 00shots00: neither is what i said 00shots00: LOLOLOLOL 00shots00: your mother is a whore 00shots00: she legit sucks cock 00shots00: for money 00shots00: how much? 00shots00: probs $1 00shots00: lifes rough 00shots00: ask your mum L>OL 00shots00: says the sook 00shots00: "giving this to riot because i called you trash and got flamed for it" 00shots00: WHAAAAAAAAAA 00shots00: fkn cry baby grow the fuck up 00shots00: i can go all night man 00shots00: you need more? 00shots00: like screen shots of her with 7 of my mates? 00shots00: https://www.google.com/search?q=babies+crying&safe=active&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwia8vuEn8ncAhUaat4KHWV8Bd8Q_AUICigB&biw=1409&bih=657 00shots00: actually thats you 00shots00: https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&source=hp&ei=FElgW7acBIaJoATJjqSQBw&q=hypocrite&oq=hypo&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.35i39k1j0i67k1j0i131i67k1j0i67k1l5j0i131i67k1j0i67k1.1446.2715.0.4864. 00shots00: oops 00shots00: you again 00shots00: nws Game 2 Pre-Game 00shots00: 130 GAMES 00shots00: and you think you know In-Game 00shots00: no idea why we need a sum spell that takes 6mins 00shots00: he still beats me 00shots00: i give up 00shots00: you all jsut left me 00shots00: go ghet fucked you trash %%%%s 00shots00: narh you first wu 00shots00: fkn dumb shit trash %%%%s the 3 of you 00shots00: good back up syndra 00shots00: farming top is great aye 00shots00: fkn shit adc straight out 00shots00: no wonder thresh kept dying 00shots00: i'd int as well with your shit ass 00shots00: please end this game 00shots00: trist saving her ult for next game the trash %%%% 00shots00: LOL 00shots00: that TP is really coming in handy aye Post-Game 00shots00: hey trist 00shots00: hey trist 00shots00: hey 00shots00: hey trist 00shots00: hey planet happy 00shots00: whats wrong 00shots00: dont wanna talk 00shots00: i wouldnt either 00shots00: just exit out 00shots00: uninstall 00shots00: find a pool 00shots00: jump in 00shots00: touch the floor 00shots00: and just stay there Game 3 In-Game 00shots00: awesome 00shots00: gg 00shots00: ? 00shots00: gank early 00shots00: ty 00shots00: just a nice team in general 00shots00: nice ganks 00shots00: zin doesnt know wtf hes doing 00shots00: like so 00shots00: every xin player always seems to be the same 00shots00: give the tower 00shots00: reportijng dravern 00shots00: and zyra 00shots00: huh? 00shots00: 0/5 00shots00: 0/5 00shots00: ye but ya mums a useless dog for giving birth to ya scum head 00shots00: i like how xun has the balls to speak now 00shots00: i gave lee sin 2 assists 00shots00: explain how i fed him again please 00shots00: useless dogs 00shots00: explain what you have done xin? 00shots00: b 00shots00: ohhhhhhhh the teemo pick is the reason we are losing 00shots00: fuk my lifei picked a champion 00shots00: and thats why bot lost 00shots00: LOLOLOLOLOl 00shots00: i love this elo 00shots00: the cringe blame cause your a useless dog 00shots00: how funny 00shots00: 3/3/1 00shots00: 2/5 00shots00: 1/5 00shots00: rich 00shots00: rich 00shots00: rich Post-Game 00shots00: ye reported keep it up so you get banned ya hard stuck shit %%%%
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