Why Do People Troll?

So I was grinding away on the weekend, trying to get out of gold 5, the usual. I'd landed into champion select and I got mid. Our Bot wanted to swap roles with me, and me being the {{champion:202}} fanatic I am, I happily obliged. He highlighted {{champion:157}} , and the bans started. It was our 2nd ban, when our support decided to ban {{champion:157}} . His name is *NAME REMOVED*. He said "Thrash yasuo, silver yasuo." To which I spammed "Why did you do that." Turns out, our {{champion:157}} was a one-trick, while you were in school studying, he was mastering the blade. *NAME REMOVED*, our support, then locked in Master Yi, took {{summoner:14}} and {{summoner:12}} and kept flaming. This was all before we had loaded in. **I dodged. ** Who wouldn't? Why did he? What was the- AHHH.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} HHRGHGHHG It frustrates me so much. Its the one problem I've had with this game. I'm very passionate, I really believe my team can win every game with the right mindset, and as long as we're working together. But it seems that's not the case. Some people don't believe. Some people don't have the passion. And it would be the number two reason as to why I'm stuck in gold 5. (Number 1 being; I'm bad at the game) Worst thing is, none of this was accident. It was intentional, someone decided to ruin 4 other people's afternoon. But hey, _welcome to OCE_ :^) Thanks for listening to me complain.

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