Is there a way to bypass the support team?

Main account was banned 2 years ago. Completely forgot until I tried to log in today after a mate of mine asked me if i wanted to play. I went over a read my log and honestly.. besides the use of one word (Fa&&ot) which I never use these days due to maturing, but can see why it would trigger a TWO DAY MUTE, I can't see why I was permed? I didn't get any temporary mutes and/or bans, just straight into a perm ban. The only punishment I received prior to this was a 10 match chat restriction a WHOLE YEAR prior to the perm, so over 3 years ago. I went to email their support team but apparently did when I first copped the perm banned and by re-reading the emails it looks as if they have no clue on what they're talking about, telling me my perm mute without prior punishments is deserved for something I did literally over a year prior to my perm? What can I do to avoid a support team telling me I can't have my account back that was perm banned without getting any sort of warning for 1: Arguing 2: Saying Fa&&ot Side note, the reason i'm saying Fa&&ot is because if i'm not clear on what I said the forums will just troll and tell me i'm hiding shit.
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