is there like an appeal for ban?

I'm banned for 14 days for bad behavior and I don't think it is fair at all. I have sent a ticket but I'm still mad about me getting banned for 14 days. I mean 14 days is this serious? This olaf got mad when he got out played by yi and started raging on me when he was the one who came to top and gave him a double. Then he gave yi another kill trying to steal his red. yi was just out playing him as a jungler and he just started swore in both English and Chinese. He didn't stop until our support ZIlean stepped in and said he wasn't that influential like yi. Then he was quiet for abit then started again. After the game he started to chat in Chinese which doesn't seem like nice at all. after awhile I logged on again and I saw the message saying im banned for 2 weeks. Im just wondering if riot even look into the whole situation and ban people around otherwise they need to fix how they work.
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