Halve exp recquired to reach 30

Anyone encountering more salty,/flaming people in ranked?. For example, ranked game the other day, we have a morgana mid who ends up with a kda of 3/11, im playing shyvana jungle, and whenever i gank and she dies, she blames me for not "ulting to initiate", at the time of game i was 4/0/2. for the rest of the game, she constantly spams chat terlling me to ult first. i check op.gg, and this is her first season ranked. we also had a jax (also first season ranked) who fed 0/6/0 and kept jumping in. To be honest, by lowering exp required, there are too many unskilled players coming into ranked, now, im only silver 4, so im not amazing by any means, but, before the exp half, i was climbing at a steady rate, but now, i have a feeder almost aeverygame. what do you think?
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