Ban this player please

**+PLEASE READ+** Hello everyone, I'd just like to inform everyone and maybe this can get to mods or whatever but there is a player I recently played with called "[REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](]", who after giving first blood, decided to run it down every lane until the 20 minute mark after declining the 15 minute surrender vote. I then looked them up on to see what his/her past games were like and around 70% of her past 20 games are her completely intentionally feeding and ruining the game for his/her team. I have linked their for you to have a look yourself if you want and if someone of power reads this please ban them, 10s, maybes even 100s of players games are being ruined by players like this and they just need to be removed from the community. Thanks for reading Sincerely barndog_ :)
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