Toxicity increasing in OCE

So I decide to quit lol today after 3 years of playing. I do not understand why Riot still does not have their tribunal up yet, but the increasing in toxicity of this game amaze me. From what I understand is that Riot refuse to ban anyone on OCE server because of small population of player base, but this is taking it too far. Let me start with the auto fill system.. why? because from my past few game most of the toxic kid I met are all support who ask for another lane and when they do not get what they want they goes bot and stay under bot tower afk typing insult to me or other teammate for the rest of the game and calling teammate feeder amd that the teamshould have given them the role they want.. like really? Wrost part the report does nothing from what I can tell since I get match up with these douch a few days later. I do not care if you do bad because you have a bad day but blaming team and being toxic and calling them loser plus wishing theirs family cancer is just not right in so many way. I do not know if 60% of lol player base have got mental issue or something, but Riot REALLY need to do something about these player and I know that Riot wont be doing anything becuase they would lost 80% of their income and thats why I decide to quit lol. RANT OVER SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
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