The very fucken problem with OCE staff

You see you allow trolls and fucked up attitudes to go on for far too long. So long that it's become apart of OCE culture. Take Shernfire for example. He's a solid reflection of how this region is. Since the very start of this region you have done fuck all to prevent this. How can people who get paid by us not deliver on their end? Besides your half measure of a chat ban, what else have you do to "improve" the toxicity in oce? The unequivocal answer is none. Nearly what 5-6 seasons of OCE being up and running, where I've seen hardly any improvement. The will to troll outweighs that to win in this region. Fix it, we're paying you enough money to do so. Don't give us this bullshit you "oh we don't have the power to do so", bullshit. Fix it.
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