Wish riot support would be more empathetic.

So i got a 14day ban (only had a 10 game chat ban before) for "intentional feeding". I was playing with mates one day as a 4 man and they said lets do protect the king ( not knowing what it was) im like sure. once i get in and realise they plan to troll i tell them i can't risk getting banned for griefing in any way but they all threatened to report me so i was pretty much forced to go along with it ( i have had friends who had parties 3x report and they got banned for doing nothing wrong cause the didn't join in). I tell this to riot support that i didn't want to and was held hostage in game and their response is just play the game and the system will work. Well thats a load of bull there were 3 others players doing literally the same thing as me with better KDA cause i got assists yet i was the only one who got banned a instant 14 day ban at that. I thought Riot support would be able to understand what it feels like to essentially have you account held hostage but was quite surprised to find they genuinely give no shits about the players or their player base. I know my suspension won't get reversed but i find it so unfair and wrong after being forced into something now my account is at risk of being perma'd for virtually no reason yet people committing the exact same offense had 0 punishment simply because KDA. having just hit honor lv2 after the chat ban and being excited for my season rewards i worked hard for it hit me pretty hard and having gaming as one of the few things i'm able to do in my condition it felt having one of the few things i have taken away. One day i hope riot support will start thinking more empathically about the situation rather than. Dosen't matter if our system isn't 100% perfect or accurate you should have blind faith regardless because we are omnipotent.
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