Ranked Solo Duo and Flex Queue

I'm finding a lot lately of troll players in ranked solo and duo where they do not know the basics of any champ it feels like it restricts me from advancing getting mid lane or jungle players some games that will die 14 - 15 times, I honestly think it goes from luck winning some of my games in provisional but majority of them were troll games where I had a mid lane just laugh and just die/feed lane. It feels like its progressively getting worse, solo duo rank should go off how you as a player go should be at a basis of kills deaths assists in the game some players I see are dying or feeding whole game and getting gold or silver this season I don't understand how that works..... there is no logic or basis to it. It would be BETTER if it went of your own individual rank again by basis on how that individual plays not gets 14 deaths and gets silver.... Increasing level cap of ranked to a higher level to do solo and flex ranked most players do not know the basics of warding in jungle just ignore team whole game its just a toxic thing which I'm slowly getting over you do really well in lane and the other lane will feed and loose game you feel somewhat defeated cause majority of the time you cannot turn a game once your top lane dies 15 times doesn't stop think and go maybe I should play safe... but isn't this logic ............................................................ or is this a game that doesn't matter about its players. Recap ** would be better if Ranked System was at a higher level to even attend or participate. ** Solo Duo Rank Went of your individual stat not how the team preformed as any GAME you will have someone that will just troll or stuff up the whole game you cannot bring back. ** people leaving game 5 minutes in so its a 4 v 5 with no outcome unfair game for ranked that 90 percent of the time you cannot turn into a positive.. Is it just me or is anyone experiencing this ??????????? comment away Cheers {{champion:498}}
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