Hacked Kennen

-Be me -Plays Aatrox -Vs a Kennen (cause wussy players gotta play ranged top) -"Sure this will be a good way to learn" -Hits Kennen with inner Qs -No damage -"Yeah thats about right" -Hits Kennen with outer Qs -Takes no damage -"LOLWUT" -Proceeds to W Q Kennen -Kennen sits in W, doesnt get pulled back -"BULLFUDGENSHIZ" -Proceeds to hit Kennen with outer and inner Qs -0 Damage -Happens all game Yeah, if this Kennen wasn't playin a hacked Kennen, then i'm calling BS. If a minion, in the same spot of my Qs can be hit, but he cant, then thats BS to the max. Multiple times as well did this same Kennen miss skillshots, but I still get hit with the stacks. Ping was at 25-30 the whole game. So i can say with out a doubt, that I was not lagging.
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