Should I Quit?

I may have only started this year and trust me I've enjoyed every tear my enemy has shed when I beat their carrying Quinn with my lamp, but the toxicity is too much to handle. Every time I get in a game someone does some normal BM by just popping a "?" or "Ez" which is fine, but when I kill them I usually do it back but most of the time they will respond with some pretty hating stuff like, "Lol stfu you're FLIPPING bad at the game lol you just want an excuse to not go to school because you'reifikaf0awfoaw0fpikaw-0pfik." Although Riot will not ban this sort of behavior as it does not contain some hatespeech or vulgarity because idk. I'm not sure if I can report someone for partial harassment through a ticket without it being discarded, if I can, then I'll be doing that.

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