Riot, this has to stop! Scripters.

Hi there, So TL:DR the amount of scripters I've seen in this server is stupid and ridiculous. **Warning**: This is a very long post so stick to the TL;DR if you hate reading. **Background**: Ever since I started playing Ranked Flex, Ranked Solo and Urf I had seen an influx in scripters. This only started to happen between patch 8.11-8.13. These people are ranked from Dia 1 (who was challenger last season) - Bronze 4. So I did some digging to see why that was the case, turns out there's a new platform that charges people a lot of $$$ for this trash. Your new anti cheat is useless and doesn't impact the cause at all, it was bypassed within a week of it being live on the NA server making it redundant if you even push it out to all servers in patch 8.14. I have here a list of all **KNOWN** scripters that I have encountered from the urf games I have played. I cannot post them anywhere because well, my last post got remove for "naming and shaming" and also "witch hunting". If Riot wants to know the list, just look at all the reports I've submitted. I'm on the verge of quitting this game for good because it's stupid how many scripters get away with what they do. I'm not talking about the public scripting platforms, I'm talking about the private ones. I know scripters get banned in banwaves but I keep track of all scripters I report, I have a program that checks daily to see if they're banned or not (checks their last played game). Funny enough, none of them have been banned. Now you might be asking yourself, "That means they aren't scripting and you're just delusional", "You over think this too much" etc etc... Well no, no I do not. I can tell when they're scripting, they stutter like a mofo. Everyone I accuse of scripting is 100% scripting and I can even prove it. I can make an AI that determines their stutter rate, their reaction times and tests to see if they dodge the skillshot just shy out of the hitbox boundary (which scripts do). They specifically calculate the closest path to get out of the skillshots and only move when they are in danger. For example, let's say I ult as Xayah. Humans will start walking out of her ult the second they see her jump but.... scripts will WAIT before the skillshot will actually land before moving out of it. This is because it calculates the exact time required to get to the safe path and **ONLY** walks to it when they are about to get hit (giving the scripters some time to react humanely to get out of the danger). I've taken a look at the source code for the infamous dodge script known as "Evade", it is a base for all dodge scripts. Every scripting platform who has a sort of dodge script will have used Evade as a base and just added onto it. Why? Because it's already there, it works... They just **improve** on it. That being said, you can easily check to see if they script manually, Riot. It goes to show that your current way of detecting scripters only works for known scripting platforms. You possibly do a manual review but it seems like you don't do it enough. I don't care if you don't ban them everyday or week because "It'll ruin the player base". Here's a tip, if you kept banning them weekly or even every 3-4 days, you'd force them to play legit because it costs them money to use the platform and to get new accounts. So I think it will be effective in the long run since it will make them bankrupt (or at least make them mad enough to stop) overtime. I've got all the highlights saved on my hard drive for every scripter that I've encountered and for every move they make. But because it shows their names, I am not allowed to post **ANYTHING** because of Riots stupid rules. Why do scripters deserve to be hidden from the public? I want a **Riot** **Employee** to respond to this either in PM's or on the post to show what you actually do. As it stands, you don't seem to care about anything other than pro players. You fucked this meta up, you fucked adc's up to the point in where bot lane is anti-meta (no adc's), you've fucked the Aatrox rework to the point I don't see him being played anymore ; so Riot, what else are you going to fuck up? You are a multi billion dollar company and you can't even deal with scritpers. Go look at Fortnite, I know a few devs who used to develop cheats for that game, they don't anymore because of the action Fortnite takes. That's why u will hardly ever see a cheater in that game. All public hacks are **GONE** because the second Epic games see's a public platform it gets A Cease & Desist the following week and if they don't oblige, they get a lawsuit handed to them. They also have a much better anti cheat, I know a mate who used to hack fortnite but doesn't anymore for the reason he gets banned within hours of using it. I do not condone scripting or hacking at all. But when a mate of mine does it, I can't really do much about it. I just leave it be and don't talk to him about the games he cheats on. It is possible to make the amount of scripters go from 80% to at least 10%. If you took the appropriate actions, I'd be happy and a bunch of others would too. Now you might ask, "But you're the only one who is complaining". Yes, that may be true, I could be the only one who complains. I am probably the only one who knows how to determine whether a player is scripting or not that actually comes forward and says it. I have a history, this history involved me in having some fun back when I was younger and it's the knowledge you obtain that allows you to tell. I could easily make a program (as stated before) that could be very accurate in knowing whether they script or not (based on their dodge patterns) because it's really hard to tell if they're scripting if they just use an orbwalker. The patterns aren't as easy to tell (I don't even mind it if dodge scripts didn't exist because scripters are useless without it, hence why they use it). I used to just report them and move on, for 2 months I had kept track of them all and NOT a SINGLE ONE WAS BANNED. This frustrates me so much to the point where your report system is not effective at all. I had encountered 5 inters who got x9'd and they didn't get banned at all. Because Riot doesn't seem to review them manually (in OCE server anyway). If they run it down mid and don't say a word nothing happens to them. It's only when they say keywords in the blacklist they have which their **automated** system then checks to see for the % of common occurrences before probably flagging their account, banning it automatically for a few weeks then gets sent off to a Riot employee to double check if it was accurate (if not, revert and unban). I know it isn't a money problem, it's a problem with caring. Riot doesn't seem to give 2 fucks about this as much as the fortnite devs ( I don't play fortnite but I know the underground world of that game). So that's how I know Epic Games are effective at whatever strat they may be pulling to reduce hackers from ruining the game. **Note: **This does not mean it is impossible to hack in fortnite, it just makes it SUPER difficult and expensive to hack making it worthless for some people to both develop and purchase. This reduced the number of hackers who were in the game from the beginning of its life - present. So Riot, are you going to do anything about it or just let new platforms come in every so often and let them ruin the game experience. If a Riot employee wants to know my background, ask me for sure. What would be better is if they give me a job, I wouldn't mind having a part time job in conjunction with my last year of uni. I wouldn't mind at all!

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