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Basically toplane was dominating, bottom lane was winning hard, and Mid was somewhat even but still strong, Essentially given how the early game turned out we should've steam rolled them but the main issue came when team fights actually started breaking out, now let me emphasize this, our team was enormous, and would most likely steam roll the enemy in any fight 5v5, however there are one factor which held us back. Xin Zhao simply refused to group with us, ignoring the team entirely and even stayed splitpushing, he ignored calls for dragon, he ignored calls for baron when it mattered. What did this do? Well essentially he quietly threw the game away by allowing it to stall out. By simply farming all game when the game should've ended giving our enemy time to scale up with trist, Sona, and essentially overpowering us because Xin simply didn't want to play with the team.
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