@Riot. Please try to fix your community.

I know it is hard to change thousands to millions of players attitude, I understand that. But you really need to sit down and think what are some ways to reduce the amount of toxicity from a single player. one point you could work on. Make sure your report system actually works...... That'd be an amazing start, your whole team and enemy team reports a single player, nothing happens at all.. Fix it. I don't want to be the one to say it. But I feel like the whole tribunal system is a waste of time and doesn't punish players at all.. I love your whole AFK punishing system. That works beautifully, your /remake. Perfect well needed for the game again works beautifully. But I feel like the Tribunal system.. Doesn't even punish a single player at all. Yea sure the odd person gets the chat ban for a few games or how ever long.... But that it? chat ban?
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