Why do I get matched with these people...

Just wondering why I am getting matched with the worst kind of people in ranked? They are either extremely toxic or bad and it ruins my games. In my provisionals I did alright and went straight into Silver IV, which I was happy with, and I thought to myself "wow i guess being scared of ranked for 2 years was quite pathetic" but no, my fear wasn't irrational. Why is it that every game there's always that one person who ruins it for everyone? I was playing morgana support and the enemy thresh roamed mid, and my malzahar starts flaming me telling me that I should kill myself for not warding the river? I had used my wards in the bot lane river bush and tri bush because we were being camped, so why would I walk all the way up to mid just to ward for this guy when laning phase wasn't even over? Not to mention my ADC flamed me for not auto attacking a thresh lucian AFTER he died, like does he realize how short morgana's auto attack range is? I also got matched with a cho'gath who told me to kill myself because I banned lee sin even though he made no indication of picking him, and I also had an anivia bot that i had to support. I am so damn sick of getting matched with these disgusting people seriously I had a better time in bronze IV back in season 4. Oh also none of the players have received any penalties for being toxic or anything like that, so can riot fix the report system so they actually do something when players act up thanks. I don't even know why I bother with this game, every single game is the same, lose lane it's my fault, die to the fed midlaner it's my fault, entire enemy jungle isn't warded it's my fault, top turret gone it's my fault, dragon/baron gone it's my fault. Just fucking stop jesus christ do these people even read what they say in the chat or did they actually lose their minds playing this game
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