My Account has been Permanently Banned

Okay, I admit that I&#039;m a repeat offender of the Instant Feedback System, I&#039;ve got about 3 accounts permabanned from not learning my lesson. Now, I log on today for a couple league matches, I meet a guy in a game, who was convinced that I was somehow horrible, and kept on bullying me, so I stood up to the bully, and started roasting the * out of him (but I was toxic), see, I learned my lesson the time when I got my 2 week ban, and this is one of the incidents that got me permabanned, the other one was when me and an enemy Vladimir were having a quick banter sesh, it involved little to no toxicity, and we were just having fun. I think that players got the wrong idea when I was talking to the Vladimir in that game, and I don&#039;t think it&#039;s just to punish me for having fun in League of Legends, which is a game. Although Riot have not e-mailed me about which games that I was toxic in, I&#039;m pretty sure it was the two I mentioned earlier. In the first game where I was permanently banned for being too toxic, I was playing as Malzahar in an ARSR (All Random Summoner&#039;s Rift) game, a teammate Mundo was harassing me, kept saying that I was horrible at the game, this trash that trash, so I tried to tell him to stop. Whenever he said something I told him to calm down, because I thought that it would help calm the situation, but when he started blaming a fellow teammate Cho&#039; Gath, was when I got really angry. He started blaming Cho&#039; Gath for our &quot;loss&quot; (even though we had not lost yet) and was harassing him as well. I stood up to him and started swearing a lot at him because I lost my *. At the end of the game, the person who I was defending, the Cho&#039; Gath, reported both myself and the Mundo on our team, I&#039;m not sure why he reported me because I didn&#039;t say or do anything toxic to him, and was actually trying to help him. In the second game, the last game I played before this discussion, I was playing as Nidalee in another ARSR game, where I was pretty much dominating, except for the enemy Vlad who would kill me every time he saw the chance to. Vladimir and I had started engaging in some friendly banter, and were exchanging comebacks (friendly). He would call me an &quot;ugly rat&quot; and I&#039;d call him a &quot;stinky tampon&quot;, I didn&#039;t mean any of these insults to be nasty. It even got to the point where I would use &quot;heck&quot; or &quot;frick&quot; against him. I believe that someone had a misunderstanding, and didn&#039;t understand that the banter was on friendly terms, and we weren&#039;t trying to offend each other. I recall a teammate Amumu regarding the League of Legends community as &quot;accepting&quot; and that he always felt included when he got on. I will post what I said in both these games when Riot e-mails me about the Permaban, giving me more information to work with. I&#039;ve been with League since I was 10 years old, and, although being toxic on more than one occasion, tried to help the LoL community in any way possible. Edit: Never got the e-mail, logged on to see what I got banned for, turns out I only got banned for toxicity in one game, not two. Here's the log: Game 1 FistMeDaddy666: help @ blu fam FistMeDaddy666: ww FistMeDaddy666: help blu FistMeDaddy666: thx bois <3 FistMeDaddy666: ayy fam FistMeDaddy666: thx fam FistMeDaddy666: hows that for shit jinx FistMeDaddy666: fucking end me FistMeDaddy666: im trash FistMeDaddy666: KILL ME FistMeDaddy666: hey jinx lets play guess the %%%%%% FistMeDaddy666: whos the %%%%%% jinx? FistMeDaddy666: WHOS THE %%%%%% FistMeDaddy666: DID YOU GUESS VLAD?! FistMeDaddy666: WELL YOU WERE RIGHT! FistMeDaddy666: wow FistMeDaddy666: it was nibbe FistMeDaddy666: nibber FistMeDaddy666: soz cant do shit against them FistMeDaddy666: WAHT THEF UK FistMeDaddy666: I COULDNT HIT THE PIECE OF SHIT BOUNCY PLANT FistMeDaddy666: fuck i had flash and everything FistMeDaddy666: i wouldve gotten out ez FistMeDaddy666: WAHT FistMeDaddy666: HA YES FistMeDaddy666: i hate ms rn FistMeDaddy666: sO CLOSEEeE!1 FistMeDaddy666: AYYYYYYY FistMeDaddy666: feck FistMeDaddy666: wb fam FistMeDaddy666: dibbs top farm FistMeDaddy666: DIBBS FistMeDaddy666: ww no :(\ FistMeDaddy666: LOL YOU MISSED THE CANNON FistMeDaddy666: ayy the mumu FistMeDaddy666: lol rip jinx FistMeDaddy666: calm down vlad FistMeDaddy666: u stinky vampires FistMeDaddy666: go be stinky FistMeDaddy666: you stink FistMeDaddy666: stinky tampons FistMeDaddy666: go b8 FistMeDaddy666: hows this for shit jinx FistMeDaddy666: fuck was ab to kill you w q FistMeDaddy666: you stinky period head FistMeDaddy666: no you sir FistMeDaddy666: you are not a good sir FistMeDaddy666: you a bad sir FistMeDaddy666: stinky sir FistMeDaddy666: OH MY GOD FUCK OFF YOU STINKY PERIODHEAD FistMeDaddy666: the warwickinator is in the house fam FistMeDaddy666: oooh FistMeDaddy666: well you is the most stinky FistMeDaddy666: lolwat FistMeDaddy666: frick you you fricky frick FistMeDaddy666: go away to your home FistMeDaddy666: fricking FistMeDaddy666: we need some birth control FistMeDaddy666: go to your home you hecking frick FistMeDaddy666: heck you! FistMeDaddy666: HECK FistMeDaddy666: HECK TO YOU YOU FRICKING FRICKER FistMeDaddy666: YOU HAVE BEEN UNBLESSED YOU ARE GOING OT HECK FistMeDaddy666: YOU ARE SO NOT LIT HECK YOU FistMeDaddy666: u are heckin fat n stinky FistMeDaddy666: ok listen to jinx FistMeDaddy666: :O FistMeDaddy666: HEY! FistMeDaddy666: THATS NO GOOD FistMeDaddy666: cyberbullyer FistMeDaddy666: :O! :O! :O! FistMeDaddy666: the fbi are gonna heckin catcha FistMeDaddy666: no fuck you mumu FistMeDaddy666: bullseye %%%ggot FistMeDaddy666: feelsbadman FistMeDaddy666: ugh no FistMeDaddy666: its my gender FistMeDaddy666: you danging heck FistMeDaddy666: i damn you to the depths of hell FistMeDaddy666: yes fam FistMeDaddy666: what the fuck when did zyra do shit FistMeDaddy666: you ggez lol roast FistMeDaddy666: you are a roast FistMeDaddy666: i am hecking ur mother as we speak kind sir FistMeDaddy666: i like to participate in fine gourmet dining FistMeDaddy666: it makes me heckin horny when you speak like you're trash FistMeDaddy666: ok full build done FistMeDaddy666: WAIT WHAT THE FUCK FistMeDaddy666: I GOT 2 ZHONYAS FistMeDaddy666: yah fam FistMeDaddy666: stinky tampon FistMeDaddy666: you smell like youre a fetus FistMeDaddy666: not when they're in vlads mum, trust me she a dirty hoe FistMeDaddy666: dirt all over her
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