Perma Banned. Unfair? Or Reasonable?

Hey guys. So... I've been Perma banned 3 times already. By this point I've given up on lol already. First Account: I was genuinely toxic, I didnt pay any mind to all previous punishments. So I attempted to "reform" 2nd Account: this was a friends account, being it as it may I was incredibly careful when spouting out things in chat. 2 teammates were inting however so as I was carrying, I got a little but hurt "can u Assholes please just at least try, will report if not" 1 sentence completely stuck it out for me, they began to take their toxicity on me as well as their aggression, and reported me. And I got perma banned. Im not clear on the previous punishments my friend had, but I would agree that Perma banning was a big too much of an over reaction. Would it go under verbal abuse when reporting me? 3rd Account: by this point I was a little braindead, I was utmost confused by the lack of effort put into the punishment system. However it being a world wide most popular of its kind MOBA, you'd at least think that it would have a "fair" punishment system. I was first suspended for having " a go" at a toxic teammate I was feeding also, but I attempted to try, this however did not apply to my teammate. He completely gave up, inted gave out free kills. Asked who wanted to get fed and such. By that point I was just disgusted I told him that he should just uninstall, quit, and to above all stop being such a "childish little shit" seeing as he had "made" friends with the enemy Team by giving them free kills, I was reported and as such banned. When I got off of it a friend hopped on and banned me, well it was a bit of a disappointment. Needless to say he was toxic but, even so. I wouldn't accept these as Perma bans. If riot would possibly substitute something instead of the perma ban. And kept that for only scripters that would great. If riot were to actually put "trolls" into consideration in these bans, it would make a whole lot of people that have suffered the same consequences, happy. Needless to say if you don't agree with me, please comment as to what I've done wrong. Much appreciated.
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