Toxic League People

I run into someone like this every game, I feel like Riot is doing nothing about these players and their toxicity anymore. I used to see action before but now it pretty much just gets dismissed. Riot, actually do something about this one and help some of these players. Because they clearly need some kind of time out. I run into so many players that are completely mentally unstable that spew their garble like this almost every single game (_like 8/10_) and it is clearly an issue. I have filed probably over 100 reports on these types of players but I keep running into them, best put by my friend Assault "**_Playing League you run into the same person every game with a different name_**" and I know I am not supposed to do this, but I have tried this exact same thing before but you don't do anything but take it down, no action, no justice. Now please do not ignore this one and maybe respond to it, because your report system doesn't work. I suggest maybe an instead ban system with certain phrases or words that are clearly toxic and can't be used in another sense. Because I'm just trying to play League and I have to run around with Bronze V mental patients telling me to kill myself actually every single game. Please do something about this. {{sticker:fiora-cool}} *Summoner* left the lobby *Summoner1*: i dont think zyra is right in the head *Summoner1*: seemed to be talking to someone that wasnt there all game Distortoise : get out of here Distortoise : why are you so toxic *Summoner7*left the lobby Distortoise : nobody wanted you on the team *Summoner6*left the lobby *Summoner5* left the lobby *Summoner1*: go look up the term toxic *Summoner4* left the lobby *Summoner1*: and have a read Distortoise : alright Distortoise : but you are trying to blame us for doing no damage *Summoner3*: *grabs popcorn* *Summoner1*: instead of spamming rubbish all game *Summoner1*: us? Distortoise : when you had the second least Distortoise : you and Irelia *Summoner1*: no one said anyting about dmg Distortoise : both toxic *Summoner1*: u talking to someone all game *Summoner1*: go get your head checked Distortoise : I wasn't *Summoner1*: somethings wrong Distortoise : I said like 2 things Distortoise : no need for you to be so fucked *Summoner1*: u spent all game spamming rubbish *Summoner1*: 2 things Distortoise : you obviously have some problems *Summoner1*: u are clearly delusional and need help *Summoner1*: so pls get some asap Distortoise : when you can't support yourself with anything you did in game because you know you are complete shit so you try to make it personal Distortoise : get the fuck out of here *Summoner1*: mroe rubbish talk *Summoner1*: lol Distortoise : and go spread your toxcicity somewhere else *Summoner1*: is that a word now is it? *Summoner1*: lol Distortoise : yes Distortoise : it is *Summoner1*: or is it a city? *Summoner1*: in your head of delusion? Distortoise : guys Distortoise : Morg Cait and Gp Distortoise : please report this dude Distortoise : he basicly inted us the whole game and was trying to flame everyone on the team *Summoner1*: thats a bannable offence *Summoner1*: asking others to report for u Distortoise : clearly doesn't belong in our community Distortoise : no Distortoise : it isn't *Summoner1*: might have to send in a ticket about this *Summoner1*: so u can get the help u need Distortoise : it is in no way a bannable defense *Summoner1*: indeed it isnt *Summoner1*: defence Distortoise : you are silver 5 Distortoise : you talk a lot for silver 5 *Summoner1*: am i? *Summoner1*: cool Distortoise : just Distortoise : why are you like this *Summoner1*: u need to get help *Summoner1*: asap Distortoise : why do you incist on adding more to the cesspool that is the community of this game *Summoner1*: those voices in your head arent actually people or beings *Summoner1*: insist Distortoise : you clearly have some mental deficiency *Summoner1*: did u finish grade 5 yet? Distortoise : you should go get help Distortoise : why are you trying to pick on me *Summoner1*: u know? *Summoner1*: school? *Summoner1*: education Distortoise : because you fed your ass off Distortoise : and try to blame others when it was clearly your fault Distortoise : then try to attack me personally *Summoner1*: blaming others? Distortoise : that makes you fucked in the head mate *Summoner1*: mate? *Summoner1*: u can always leave and go get yourself some help *Summoner1*: no one is keeping u here *Summoner1*: in pleasantville Distortoise : I'm getting you banned Distortoise : that's why I'm here *Summoner1*: no u aren't *Summoner1*: lol *Summoner1*: delusion Distortoise : the mute should carry over into the after game chat Distortoise : but Riot is stupid *Summoner1*: yes rito is so very stupid *Summoner1*: thats why they are billionaires *Summoner1*: cause stupid Distortoise : you guys still there *Summoner1*: told u, those voices arent real *Summoner1*: u need to get some help *Summoner1*: pls listen to me unbreakablewhale left the lobby morekaks left the lobby Distortoise : you don't have friends do you Distortoise : you are trying to project your thoughts about yourself on me Distortoise : it's pretty obvious Distortoise : seeing you formed this whole persona about me out of nothing even though you know nothing about me *Summoner1*: perhaps its too late for you, unlucky and im very sorry for u, take care child, god be with u Distortoise : ha Distortoise : so I am right Distortoise left the lobby I know what is above isn't that bad but I have ran into much worse, and if the right nerves are struck it can be damaging to some people. (_Not me really, I've got a thick skin_ {{champion:223}} ) These things used to be acted on but I have seen anything happen in months, stop ignoring these types of posts. I know you delete them all, others from the forums have contacted me telling me that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Stop trying to silence our freedom of speech when it is clearly important. That is all.

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