My team mate took my role as jg

Hi Everyone,I had the worst day of my life playing that game with [champ] who took my role and wasn't being a team player,I called JG first in chat and he instead locked in [champ] and it was really making me piss off cause I called it first but I played adc and [champ] came by took my cs for 2 mins,didn't even help me kill [adc] and [jng] plus my [support] was troiling me too,I started to troll around for 3 times then I'm back in game trying to help my trying but that was wrong of me to do that,well we lost the game,[champ] was being to rude to us and said we were bad,after game I reported him and I hope Riot will give his account a ban for doing that His Name was: [name removed]

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