The broken LOL Banning system

Yeah, This is going to be a Discussion for anyone to voice complaints and ask questions about the broken LOL Banning system. I have a few complaints myself. 1. Is the system automated or done by someone? 2. If not, Why is it not Done by someone. 3. Why do people who cheat and feed get less of a penalty and less of a chance to be penalised if they do what they do, And toxic players who have those people on their teams have to get the punishment for being frustrated at them? 4. Why is the whole chat not shown when you are banned? 5. Why have I spent 50 bucks on your game and been treated like dirt? 6. Why Have I got 3 Banned accounts because of Feeding and Cheating people? 7. Why don't people with 14 Days have a chance to get them reverted? If so How. 8. Why don't you have a ban appeal section for Bans? -_- Rito pls fix. ( Pretty sure I can have an opinion buddy. )
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