Sinfull - The Shurima Myth

SINFULL - THE SHURIMA MYTH -------TANK/FIGHTER------Skins / GateKeeper Sinfull or Jurassic Sinfull STATS Health: 630 - 1220 Health Regen (Health per 5): 5.0 - 17.1 melee: 175 Attack Damage: 54 - 119 Attack Speed: 0.723 (+0% - 36.0%) Armor: 33 Magic Resist: 35 Movement Speed: 335 SKILLS Passive / Stone Hard Skin -Sinfull starts the game with a shield of 0hp. everytime Sinfull slays an enemy minion the shield is increased by 1hp, 2 hp if he slays an enemy champion. Shield regens once once 7 seconds out of combat. regen rate 8 per second side note - every 100hp the sheild gets from minion/Champion slaying Sinfulls model changes making he's appearance different, him bigger and stronger Q / Sand Slide -Sinfull dashes a short distance pushing aside any enemies in the way, at the end of the dash Sinfull slams hes fist into the ground causing an AoE knockup to any enemies infront of him. cooldown 13s/11/10/9/8 - DASH DAMAGE - 50/75/90/110/150 - Range 500 80% AD scaling - KNOCKUP DAMANGE - 40/75/95/125/150 - RANGE 250 70% AD scaling W / Digust -Every basic hit Sinfull adds a mark on that enemy. Once 4 marks have been added, the marks burst causing 30/50/70/90/130 AP Damage scaling 80% and granting Sinfull 4% of he's maximum health back 4%/5%/6%/7%/10% and granting a maximum of 15% attack speed for 4 seconds at all levels. marks are only applied on basic hits. once Sinfull has applied the first mark on an enemy, Allies basic attacks will also stack the marks. enemies are immune to marks for 6 seconds if they've had full marks applied recently. marks degenerate after 4 seconds of not being attacked by Sinfull. E / Combustion shot -Sinfull Throws a rock into the air at a target location dealing 70/100/130/150/180 AD damage Scaling 70% and stunning enemies in the landing area of the rock. the rock shatters after landing causing a bigger AoE slow of 15%/20%/30%/40%/50% and dealing 20/40/60/80/100 AD damage Scaling at 90% (e.g Nami's bubble + Nautilus's Riptide) RANGE: 750. Cooldown: 6s/5s/5s/4s/4s R / Mystic Sandstorm -Sinfull leaps to a target location, on impact Sinfull deals 200/250/300 and summons a sandstorm on the landing location damaging all champions in the area for 60/80/100 for every second there in mystic sandstorm and slows them for 20%/25%/30% After 6 seconds mystic sandstorm turns into mystic quicksand and roots any enemies left in the area for 1.5 seconds. 72% AD scaling ( E.G kinda like Anivias glacial storm) leap Range : 800 cooldown: 120s/100s/90s LORE: Once Hidden deep beneath the realms of shurima, Sinfull was Hibenating for centurys. Protected by he's loyal allie Skarner, Sinfull was awoken by a Loud roar from above the sands. He furiously rushed too the surface of the sands. what a waited him was an enemy stronger then hes ever seen before... Rek'Sai. Sinfull being extremly territorial dashes towards Rek'sai Without hesitation. Sinful launched at he's enemy and the fight began. The two fought for hours, Trying to determine who was the True Owner of the territory. Each hit making the sands shift. Then Sinfull heard a loud roar from Rek'sai and just like that.... she had vanished. Sinfull now searches in the league of justice for he's rival. Sinfull searchs, finds, and claims everything he can as hes territory, stand in hes way... and you will no longer be standing. ALLIES: Skarner, Rammus and Renekton ENEMIES: Rek'sai, Azir, Nasus and Cho'Gath created and designed by SoSinister. PLEASE tell me your thoughts on my first Champion design :3 add me on LoL - SoSinister
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