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Hey guys! This is my first time trying this so please be nice and provide constructive criticism. I got bored and thought &quot;why not try make a champion riot will probably never make, but it will still be fun&quot;. So here it is! Ais &ndash; Champion creation title (TBC): Ice tank Base stats: Health: 595.25 (+100.2) Health Regen: 7 (+0.75) Resource: Ice shards (refer to passive and ult for more information) Melee: 170 Attack damage: 60 (+4.7) Attack speed: 0.620 (+3%) Armor: 25.34 (+3.8) Magic resist: 32.1 (+1.25) Movement speed: 320 Passive: Ice shards Cooldown: 25 (CDR effects cd) Every 25 seconds Ais' auto attacks deal double damage. If Ais kills a minion/monster/champion with the passive, the target drops an ice shard. (can carry only 6 ice shards) Q: Ais Leash Range: 800 Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 Ais fires an ice leash in the form of a projectile. If the projectile hits an opponent the ice leash drains 25 health per second from its target. At any point during the duration Ais may activate the q again to pull herself towards the target, this stops Ais from gaining anymore health but continues damaging the opponent. Duration of leash: 4/5/6/7/8 W: Frozen Well (Ty EzeBlood for partial help) Cooldown: 15 Ais creates a small circle around her with the radius of 1 Teemo height. If any projectiles hit an ally inside of the circle it deals damage equal to (%AP) + 20% of damage taken over the duration of the channel in a small area around her. Duration of channel: 2/3/4/5/6 (Side note: I think this is great for team fighting, considering she is a tank) E: One left unfrozen Cooldown:15/14/13/12/11 Ais creates a circle with the diameter of 775 around her. Everything within the circle becomes slowed by 25%. EVERYTHING! This includes ally champions and minions. The only one not frozen is Ais. Duration of slow: 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 R: Ais Prison Cost: 5 ice shards Cooldown: none Ais creates a circle wall with the diameter of 800 around her. The walls close in on him at a rapid pace dragging along enemy champions. Once the wall touches Ais it collapses dealing damage to enemy champions inside of it. (champions are unable to flash inside of the wall) Duration of wall closing in: 1.5 seconds Damage: 250/500/750 Lore (Ty Ezeblood): In the darkness that held power before the Rune Wars, an ancient race of demonic beings held the great powers of nature. Blood, Air, Fire, Earth, and Ice. These were the five great powers controlled by the Darkin. When the rune wars broke out, many years after the Darkin civilisation had fallen, there were but 5 Darkin left. Aatrox, the Blood wielder revealed himself first. Appearing in various important battles throughout Runeterran history, it soon became known that the Darkin were powerful, archaic beings. Now, Ais awakens from her frozen slumber, ready to return the great power of Ice to Runeterra. The feel for Ais: To be honest, Ais isn't going to feel good for everyone. I want people to have fun by being outgoing and going all out as Ais. Jumping in with your q, flashing into your ult for team plays and overall being brave and confident in your plays. I don't mean any offence to anyone but thats how I'd like her to be played. Counter play: To be honest I don't think I should be providing this because im only level 28 but ok, - Try to bait out her ult first and then collapsing onto her team. Same with E - During laning phase she wont be that strong considering her only damage would be coming from her q (or w if in lane with another champion) so use this to you advantage by bullying her and snowballing her during laning phase - Don't target her in team fights I guess. lol. If you have any other counter play please just tell me so I can add it (I will give credit) Thanks to whoever reads this <3

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