Versus Art Contest Winners

Hey Summoners,

We're here to announce the winners for the Versus Art Contest. We want to thank you all for putting in the time and effort and creating beautiful artwork that showed off League champions in epic combat. We've definitely got some new wallpapers to use. This contest was extremely difficult to vote for and there were actually a tonne of amazing entries. We are blown away by the quality this time around and had to expand the number of honorable mentions. Without further ado, check out the amazing work from our community =D


Summoner: CrimsonSeal

Download the wallpaper!

Summoner: Wacalac

Download the wallpaper!

Summoner: Cheesewoo

Download the wallpaper!

Honorable Mentions

Summoner: Arlequinne

Summoner: Captrix13

Summoner: Cashew

Summoner: DayumSayum

Summoner: Khronix

Summoner: NomiNoo

Summoner: Six

Summoner: Flight

Summoner: Konoumin

Summoner: VVhizza

Summoner: Zookie

Summoner: Sophiaa

Summoner: Biglittleme

Summoner: Chikorita

Summoner: LosTintheKnight

Summoner: Avacado

Summoner: Pro Hooker

We will be in touch with the three winners through email to organise the art spotlights in client. If you have won a prize the RP amount should be added to your account by 4pm AEST today. Once again thank you so much to everyone that participated in this art contest! We got a lot of great pieces and choosing the list was extremely difficult. There were quite a few that were really amazing but we just couldn't fit them all in! Everyone that made a submission to this contest should be proud of their piece.

You can check out and download all the wallpapers from the full gallery of entries. We highly recommend checking out a lot of these pieces in full size to really appreciate their glory!

To all the players that get to enjoy this fine gallery, which was your favourite? and why? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, until next time and GL on Summoners Rift.

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