Death Blossom Riven

Death Blossom Riven Would be an amazing skin idea, and i main riven and i really want a new skin that changes her character that feels strong, since you will never ever release championship riven again you should make Death Blossom Riven a ultimate skin. her W can quickly make a flower appear around riven when used, her e should have a strangle thorn type hover around riven while the shield is active, or seeds even. her Sword should be a type of thorn that is thick and broken, and when she uses phase 1 ultimate the thorn becomes whole and has a different color scheme. her wind slash ability could shoot out 3 thorns or 3 flowers. her 3rd q should also be a flower the shows when she lands doing a knock up animation around her. color scheme should be dark purple and blue for the clothing. weapon should be a Dark blue. when ultimate is activated a light pink. wind slash thorns should be a light green. hair should be dark blue (matching sword color). this is just a basic idea of what i'm going at. if you would like to redesign it entirely but still make it a death blossom skin with some cool flowers and new animations. ill be really happy! please consider my request i believe it will be a really big hit! {{champion:92}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}. i really want a Riot Employee to respond to see if it is bad or good. i just want to know if it will ever be considered

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