Ideas for a new Darkin Champion: The Darkin Morningstar

Laarx - The Darkin Morningstar Passive: The Darkin Titan For every 4 points of armor/magic resist, Laarx reduces all incoming damage by 1. For every 5 points of AD/AP, increases Armor/MR by 1. All damage reduced by The Darking Titan is recovered over 3 seconds. Q: Morningstar of Death 11/9.5/8/6.5/5 seconds. Laarx swings his morningstar very quickly above him for 0.4 seconds before sending it forwards, knocking back and dealing damage to the first enemy champions hit in an area. During the swing, Laarx reduces all damage taken by 40% and heals for the amount. The damage reduced is increased by 1% for every 3 points of Armor AND MR. (30 Armor 30 MR = 10%// 60Armor 30 Armor = 10%// 60 Armor 60MR = 20%.) The morning star launches up to 650 units away. Knocks back 150 units. Deals from 70%AD + 30%AP + 35/60/85/110/135 Physical Damage to all enemies hit and knocked back. W: Pillar of the Depth 17/15/13/11/9 seconds. Laarx becomes rooted for a short duration (0.25s) while he smashes the ground beneath him and sending his morning star through a portal in the ground which appears below the select area. After a short duration all enemies struck from below is knocked up. Cast range of 700. Aoe of 175. Deals 70%AP + 30%AD + 4% Max HP + 40/85/130/175/220 magic damage. E: Dark Portal 18/16/14/12/10 seconds. Range of 400, or up to 700 range if an enemy is marked. Passive: Enemies hit by basic attacks or abilities are marked with a ring of 150 units surrounding them that Lasts 4 seconds. Active: Laarx opens a dark portal, tunneling into the chosen location, if it is within the ring of an enemy marked by Dark Portal, its cooldown is reduced by 70%. A portal also appears at the targeted location if it is not within an enemy ring, which tells enemies where Laarx will be appearing from. There is a total delay of 0.15s during when he activates and appears. If he teleports into a ring, the ring/rings where he will appear in will darken, not enough to reduce vision but able to tell enemies an estimated location of where he will appear. Upon exiting the portal, Laarx heals for 10%AD + 10%AP + 150% BONUS Armor and MR over 3 seconds. R: Dimensional Haul 120/100/80 seconds. After a very short animation time (~0.2 seconds) Laarx chains up all enemy champions within 600 range for up to 10 seconds. Enemies chained are slowed by 10/15/20% and transfers 10% AP + 5%AD + 5/40/75 Health per second. Damage is dealt as Magic damage. While active, the morningstar chances to a claw like shape, instead of being knocked back 150 units, groups of enemies hit will be dragged towards Laarx instead. Enemies who walk in later are not affected. While active, Laarx heals for 10/20/30% of all damage dealt. (Excluding damage dealt by chains.) After 3.5 seconds, Laarx can reactivate to end the duration early, pulling all currently attached enemies 300 units closer to him. Enemies who get pulled on top or within 50 units of Laarx take damage equal to 40%AD + 40%AP + 40/150/260 physical damage and are stunned for 1 second. His gameplay should rather easy to understand from how his abilities function. But here is a short description anyways. Passive: The concept is simple enough, building Defenses makes Laarx much more tanky, while building damage also grants a little bit of defenses in return. There is no forced "Tank" or forced "Damage" play, much like some other champions, it is completely up to the player to go either full damage and a bit harder to kill, or full tank and recovering massive amounts of health. Different abilities function better depending on what spectrum he is building towards. Q: This ability seems quite simple but the right use can turn the tide of a fight. It is great for poking in lane, farming the jungle, or sustaining imminent burst damage. A well timed Q can cause Laarx to come out with tons of health from a trade, even if the strike misses. Usually this will be the ability players would want to max first for more damage and sustainability in trades. Or when building attack damage. As a bonus for building tanky items, armor and magic resist increases the damage reduced by this ability and thus also increasing health recovered. As a bonus for building AD, this ability has a decent AD scaling. W: A knockup with a short delay, with E learnt, can be used to set up a gank or a fight. Using dark portal to gap close near the enemy within the circle, then using Morning star of Death to counter any burst damage the enemy may try to set up, then knocking them to a location where your team can easily pick off. However knocking to the wrong side... wont be as nice.. This ability is the AoE magic damage nuke for Laarx, if Laarx builds AP, he is rewarded by good AoE cc and burst damage for landing this skillshot, and with a % max health damage it is guaranteed to hit quite hard on squishy and tanky foes alike. Max this ability first to set up better ganks, or when building ability power. E: Dark portal is what will make this Darkin teleport around the battlefield to unleash havoc around his enemies, while recovering a little bit of health which increases based on how tanky you are, or how much damage you've built, will certainly cause panick among your enemies. Being able to continuously chase down your enemy while resurfacing with a little more health each time is certain to make you enemies panic. This scales a small amount with the player's AD or AP, but building tanky is rewarded with even more recovered health scaling off BONUS Armor and Magic resist. This would usually be the last ability to max, however when the enemy team has squishy highly mobile characters, max this ability first for reduced cooldowns and a much more thrilling chase! R: Activate and all enemy champions within a set distance becomes hooked and slowed while transferring health to Laarx. After a 3.5 second duration, Laarx can either set up a good aoe pull to set up a coordinated strike, or let it last through the fight out to restore more health and provide slows to affected enemies. Correct usage is sure to award players who look out. Since the pull is instant, paying attention to what your team is up to will reward the player for doing so. There are times where a player would have to choose between pulling all enemies a bit closer, or pulling one or two enemies directly on top of Laarx at the cost of a few enemies escaping in return for more burst damage and crowd control on lesser targets. As an ultimate, max whenever possible, whether it be setting up a gank, E into the enemy, whether they have been hit by Pillar of the Depths or not, then unleash the chains onto them for an almost secured lockdown. Players building damage will find themselves dealing tons of damage per second with this ability, while players building tank will find that they are much more harder to be taken down. Any comments would be nice!
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